Portland Rioters Take Their Turn Celebrating May Day As They Smash Up What’s Left Of Downtown

As with other cities across the world, the rioting terrorists of Portland took their opportunity to destroy the city on the communist holiday of May Day. If you can believe it, there are actually a few windows left in the city that haven’t been shattered by the terrorists.

Media in Portland, even antifa sympathizers, are too scared to record or photograph the terrorists actually doing the damage. Over the months and years the terrorists have attacked countless members of the media, and have been issuing demands for media to not record them, or else there will be serious consequences. And with no action by the police to protect anyone or investigate the people making the threats, media only comes along after the fact.

Emboldened by their free passes to do whatever they want, the insurrectionists started heckling the police:

The crowd quickly regrouped and headed to the ICE building, where they set a fire:

Not having to be abide by vichy “mayor” Ted Wheeler’s edicts, the DHS officers came out and drove the terrorists off:

Just a few weeks ago the antifa militants blocked people inside the ICE building and set it on fire.

The police and community had ample warning that mass carnage was about to come to the city:




Though they didn’t stop the damage, the Portland police did eventually swoop in and make a few arrests:


The day started off with a protest out front of the ICE building, which has been a constant target of the protesters and rioters for nearly three years.

This comes just three days after an antifa associated Twitter account made a creepy video threatening to kill Ted Wheeler and cause even more mass destruction to the city.

At this rate they won’t have much left to smash and destroy in the near future. We can only hope they’ll try their antics in the rural areas.



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