Oregon Bill To Hide Children From Parental Knowledge On Abortions, Gender Surgery PASSES State House

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Oregon Democrats have rammed through HB2002, a highly controversial bill that would allow children to get abortions and undergo gender transformation surgery without their parents’ knowledge, and the parents’ insurance company would have to pick up the cost.

After a series of procedural attempts by the Republicans to stop the proposal on Monday, the bill passed 36-23, with every democrat voting for it, along with one republican, Representative Charlie Conrad. Every other Republican voted against the bill, sans one who was absent for the day

If passed into law, the bill would also decriminalize the concealing of a dead infant, and force Oregon taxpayers to foot the cost for people from out-of-state seeking these same procedures. Doctors are also shielded from any malpractice related to these procedures.

Strangely enough, two days after the vote, the list of people who voted for the bill has not been added to the bill tracker page on the Oregon Legislature website. It only lists the NAY votes as of press time of this article.

The democrats, of course, cheered on the passage:

House Majority Leader Julie Fahey released this statement:

Today, Oregon House Democrats passed the historic Reproductive Health & Access to Care (RHAC) Bill (House Bill 2002).House Majority Julie Fahey(DWest Eugene & Veneta) releases the following statement:

“After the Supreme Court’s reckless decision to overturn Roe v Wade, House Democrats made a commitment to protect Oregonians’ basic rights and freedoms. Today, we fulfilled that commitment.

“The Reproductive Health & Access to Care Bill is built on the belief that every single Oregonianno matter your income, race, gender, or zip codeshould have the right to make deeply personal health care decisions without interference from politicians.

“This bill fully restores the rights we had under Roe, and it protects Oregonians from the antiabortion and antiLGBTQ+ laws Republican states continue to impose across the country. By breaking down barriers and protecting access to reproductive health care, RHAC ensures that providers can do their jobs and patients can receive the care they need, free from fear and uncertainty.

“For over half a century, Oregonians have affirmed their support for making abortion and reproductive healthcare safe and accessible to all. RHAC will help make that belief a reality in our new, postRoe world.”

In 2017, Leader Fahey was the chief sponsor of the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA). RHEA codified the right to an abortion in state law and made the full range of reproductive health care services more affordable and accessible for all Oregonians.

RHAC builds off of this legislation and takes additional steps to clarify Oregon law and provide certainty to medical professionals, so they can focus on providing care to their patients.

You can contact any of the House Democrats via their public office phone and emails at this link.

You read the full text of the 46 page bill here. It now heads to the state Senate. The Senate Democrats can be reached at any of their public office phone and emails on this page.


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