Rioting Terrorists Once Again Destroy Portland, Target Youth Center, Popeye’s, Natural Grocers

After *PEACEFULLY* smashing up churches, historical museums, and immigrant run businesses the other day, the antifa terrorists of Portland have once again proven that there is no low they won’t sink to. This time they *PEACEFULLY* smashed up a Boys And Girls Club youth center in Northeast Portland that’s sponsored by the Trailblazers. This is located in the ‘hood and predominately serves children of color who come from underserved backgrounds, the very people whom the *PEACEFUL* rioters claim to want to help.


The rioters also *PEACEFULLY* targeted Natural Grocers, a small chain not unlike Trader Joe’s that specializes in natural food products.


They also hit Popeye’s and US Bank. *PEACEFULLY*, of course.

The police had several hours notice that this was going to happen, tweeting about it four hours before the *PEACEFUL* destruction began. But instead of proactively working to stop the chaos, the police apparently let it happen.


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