Leftists Rush To Defend Maxine Waters As Expulsion Petition Circulates After She Incited Scores Of Violent Rioters And Insurrectionists

Leave it to the deranged far left activists to rush to Maxine Waters’ defense as she faces action, including possible expulsion from Congress, for inciting insurrection and encouraging the violent rioting mobs in recent years.

The hashtag #IStandWithAuntMaxine is trending on Twitter, as the crazed leftists bash Marjorie Taylor Green and attempt to justify Waters’ calls for more violence from the *PEACEFUL* protesters across the country.

Yes yes, a good leader should always encourage violence because it’s the righteous and intelligent thing to do.


And here’s how low the left sinks. They start to ponder what Greene’s name would be if she did porn.

The all-righteous, virtuous left!



Can you imagine if a Greene supporter told Waters that “her kind” had no place in America? The left would be jumping all over that with accusations of racism. But it’s perfectly okay in their world to say it about Greene:



This profile here, Meidas Celeste, appears to either be a bot that is set to retweet and repeat certain things in certain tweets, or she needs to get a life. You can see the profile copying and pasting into all these Tweets just to boost the hashtag.






How many more deaths will be on Waters’ hands?


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