Big Tech Allows Russian War Propaganda While They De-Platform Pro-American Voices

As YouTube works to eliminate pro-American channels (Dan Bongino being the latest casualty), Facebook shadowbans and eliminates conservative pages, and Twitter infamously bans then-sitting-President Trump and this website, Gateway Pundit, both platforms are openly allowing the Russian government to spread its propaganda and disinformation. Apparently, invading a sovereign country isn’t a violation of terms, but questioning the integrity of an election or saying a particular Covid treatment works is strictly forbidden.

Over on Twitter, @KremlinRussia_E is the official blue-check-marked account for the President of Russia in English. There is also a duplicate of that account in Russian language, @KremlinRussia.  They are actively posting tweets. Twitter has no problem with this. Also operating with impunity on Twitter are accounts for Government Of Russia (@GovernmentRF) and the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs (@mfa_russia).

You can also count on the Metaverse as a safe haven for Putin and his supporters, as Zuck’s Facebook allows for a Vladimir Putin page, which has over three million followers:

It’s unclear whether this is his official page or just a fan page, but Zuck doesn’t seem to care.

Meanwhile, YouTube has been allowing Russia Today (RT) to live stream continuously. RT is funded by the Russian government. It features lots of English speakers, namely from the UK. This includes anchors and reporters, some of whom are based in Moscow.

RT is framing the invasion as a “special operation” and claiming Russia is only trying to liberate Donetsk and Luhansk, which they say Ukraine has unlawfully claimed as their own in violation of the Minsk agreements. They claim Ukraine recently shelled a grade school in Donetsk, killing two teachers and that Ukrainian militia groups have been attacking the region for years. Much of the content is to draw sympathy to the Russian cause and demonize the west and Ukraine.

But if that were true, why is Russia attacking from all angles instead of just an eastern front, as well as making threats about Finland joining NATO?

News reports are sprinkled in around repeating puff pieces, one of which chronicles the life of a Spetsnaz soldier. They also claim Russia has no intention of attacking civilian poplulations, despite evidence to the contrary.

In a bizarre statement, Putin started randomly claiming that Ukraine is run by neo-nazis and white nationalists. Where have we heard this kind of rhetoric before? Oh yeah, from antifa terrorists in the US, trying to justify their street violence against those with whom they disagree.

The RT roster also includes an American, who reported on air after the UN “security council” meeting. He 100% took Russia’s side with his biased reporting:

While it’s oftentimes important to see what the other side is saying, clearly RT’s role is to convert Westerners into Russian sympathizers, as they constantly paint NATO and Western countries out to be liars and blame the west for the war.

So all of this is perfectly acceptable on American Big Tech platforms, but don’t you dare post a meme of a doctor saying covid vaccinations cause heart problems!


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