Oregon “Republican” Governor Candidate Has Given Thousands to Democrats and Far-Left PACs Using Alternate Name

Over in wild blue Oregon, even half of the so-called republicans end up acting like democrats. Some of them even help get democrats elected. But few have the gall to run for Governor on the Republican ticket after contributing countless thousands of dollars to democrat candidates and PACs that support those candidates and far left causes.

William Pierce is one such person who either lacks the self-awareness to see how bad of a look this is, or is just so smug he doesn’t care. If the name William Pierce doesn’t so familiar to Oregonians, perhaps you know him better by his public persona name: Bud Pierce. That’s the name all over the signs and ads for his Gubernatorial campaign. You see, he likes to donate a lot of his money to politicians. Since many of them are democrats, and he runs as a Republican under his nickname, he uses different variations of his name in the contribution filings.

Just who has William “Bud” Pierce given his money to over the years? To be fair, out of the 107 federal entries and hundreds of Oregon records, most of his contributions have gone to republican candidates and causes. However, many of the contributions have gone to democrat candidates and associated PACs. He’s been a loyal donor to democrat Congressman Kurt Schrader, who has represented Oregon’s 5th Congressional district since 2008. It’s considered a swing district. Pierce has given him $15,900. Pierce’s money has gone to defeating Republicans in close races that determine the House majority.

Another one of Pierce’s favorite campaign related organizations to give to is the American Medical Association PAC. He’s given them $19,500. Which party they decide to give their money to depends on which way the wind is blowing, as they have donated heavily to both parties. Some of their recipients include democrats Nancy Pelosi, Ed Markey, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, James Clyburn, Steny Hoyer, Kurt Schrader (again), Donna Shalala, Earl Blumenauer (also from Oregon), and Peter Defazio (another Oregonian who barely won his last election).

Pierce has also given $25,000 to the Friends Of Community Oncology PAC. Now, most of their recipients are republicans, but democrats such as Joaquin Castro, Kurt Schrader (geez, he and Pierce must be old friends or something), Tom Carper, and Krysten Sinema stand out among their beneficiaries.

He also gave $2400 to Ron Wyden, one of the furthest left democrats in the Senate, and $2000 to republican turncoat Lisa Murkowski.

All of this information is available on the FEC.gov website (this link right here should go straight to his contributions).

You see, Bud Pierce is a doctor. He’s going to give to whatever causes route public money to the medical fields. One such cause was Oregon’s Measure 101 from early 2018. The ballot measure was a referendum on the state legislature passing more new taxes that are supposedly going to go toward government run healthcare. The Measure passed after special interest groups poured in nearly $4 Million, and the taxes stayed in place. Who helped support the new taxes as part of that $4 Million? If you guessed Bud Pierce, give yourself a cookie.

Pierce had been a regular donor to the Oregon Medical PAC, which was in favor of the Measure, though the PAC has existed for various different causes at different times.

He sometimes donates using his middle initial in the records. This makes it a little harder to piece together the paper trail.

After that special election for Measure 101, the Oregon Medical PAC has gone on to divvy out their bundles of cash to various state legislature and governor candidates, the vast majority of which have been democrats, including current term-limited Governor Kate Brown and Governor-hopeful Tina Kotek, whom Pierce might be running against if both she and he win their primaries. Other expenditures went to notorious anti-gun state senator Ginny Burdick, senile socialized healthcare advocate Representative Mitch Greenlick (who once openly stated he wished the USA were a different country and proposed furloughing the military), and several swing district democrats who have barely won their elections. Once again, Bud Pierce’s money is going to defeat Republicans in close races.

Other notable democrats whom Pierce has given money to include:

Longtime Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney, whom Pierce has given to on four separate occasions; One for $5000, one for $2500a second $5,000 pile, and one for a whopping $10,000.

Kathleen Harder, who got$1000, who was running for a school board seat at the time, and is now running for Oregon’s new Congressional seat 6),

Sharon Meiran, a fellow doctor, whom Pierce has given to on two separate occasions; $5,000 when she was running for state Representative, and $500 in 2019 for her Multnomah County Commissioner campaign.

Radical leftist state Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward, to tune of $1000 and $5000 in two separate transactions.

Ben Westlund, who was running for and won his race for state Treasurer in 2008. Pierce gave him $2500 in one transaction and $1000 in another. In an even more bizarre twist, Pierce would later go on to donate to Westlund’s opponent, Republican Allen Alley, during Alley’s 2010 campaign for governor. Ironically, Alley and Pierce would go head-to-head for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2016.


The various iterations of his name used for this transaction records include William Pierce, William “Bud” Pierce, Bud Pierce, William C. Peirce, and William C Pierce (yes, including the period turns up different records).

Another PAC whom Pierce gives his money ($5000) to is the Doctors For Healthy Communities PAC, which promptly turns around and doles that money out to mostly democrat state legislature candidates, though a smattering of republicans are thrown in the mix, probably just so they’ll vote for whatever bills give free money to the medical industries.

When you ask yourself who funds the democrat candidates and causes, Bud/William sometimes “C” Pierce is a significant donor.

Another of his many odd donations is $3,500 to the Independent Party of Oregon. The Independent Party is considered a major party in Oregon, and they have their own primary. Perhaps Bud is trying to get their nomination as well.

This isn’t Pierce’s first rodeo running for Governor. He tried back in 2016, and lost in the November election. His campaign was largely self funded, pouring in hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money. Oddly enough, he chose to use the C initial for those contributions. (Note: Selma Pierce was his wife. She has since passed away.)

Much like 2016, his 2022 campaign features himself as his biggest donor, pouring in close to $1 Million of the $1.5 Million his campaign has raised. Note that he chose to go by “William (Bud) Pierce” for this series of donations.

Don’t expect the local mainstream media to cover this, as they have already anointed Pierce and former Republican House majority leader, Christine Drazan, as the leading contenders for the Republican nomination, though neither are managing to poll beyond the low teens. In a crowded primary featuring 19 filed candidates, Pierce and Drazan, who was essentially a lapdog for the democrats during her time as state representative, are leading while polling as low as 6% in some instances, with the next contenders Stan Pulliam and Bob Tiernan, not far behind at 4.2 and 3.5%. Most Republican voters remain undecided.

It’s possible that the nominee doesn’t even capture 20% of the vote.






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