Big Pharma Owned Republican LIES To Try To Defend Her Record Of Democrat Capitulating

Just yesterday The Gateway Pundit uncovered the twisted campaign finance trail of Christine Drazan, who’s running for the Republican nomination for Governor in Oregon, and happens to be funded by many of the same deep pocketed special interest PACs that also fund the democrats, including big pharmaceutical corporations that rake in billions from public funding and push for vaccine mandates.

Drazan, former Republican House leader, is also taking hits from her votes in support of a bill that put tampons in every student restroom in the state, including boys’ restrooms. Because, you know, boys get periods, too, these days. Especially in Oregon. Here’s the latest ad from Bridget Barton, one of the other candidates vying for the nomination:

Well…. Drazan is now crying foul over this attack. She’s calling these “negative attack ads” that are “politics at its worst” in a video she made on her Facebook page:

In fact, she even sent out an email blast claiming she didn’t vote to put tampons in boys’ rooms, trying to claim that was something that democrats shoved in after the fact:

I always knew my opponents were prepared to say anything about our campaign, our values, and you…but today’s attacks are a new low.

Let me give you the facts, because there’s no confusion there.

I voted alongside every other Republican in the State House to provide underprivileged girls with feminine products.

A warped and radical progressive agenda–spearheaded by Kate Brown and Tina Kotek–then turned around and put feminine products into boys’ bathrooms. 

In short, as radical progressives always do–they ignored the will of the people’s elected representatives, and enacted a twisted agenda of indoctrination on our students.

Unfortunately for Christine Drazan, the actual record says otherwise. The bill in question, 2021’s HB3294, was introduced on February 23rd, and only referred to female restrooms. Then someone got their panties (?) in a twist, and insisted on removing the gendered language. The April 10th version of the bill was then modified to say, among other things, “Each public education provider shall ensure that both tampons and sanitary pads are available at no cost to students through dispensers located in [at least two] every student [bathrooms] bathroom of every public school building.” The language in brackets was the removed language, and the language in bold is the replacement language.

HB3294 was voted on in the House on June 24th. Every Republican voted YES on the bill, including Drazan. She either knew full well that this included putting feminine hygiene products in boys’ rooms, or she failed to due her diligence and didn’t fully read or understand the bill. Either way, her name is attached to the bill, with a YES vote, in favor of putting tampons in little boys’ bathrooms. In every public school. Including elementary schools. Including Kindergarten.

And Drazan was the House Republican leader.

And now Drazan cries foul that people are using her own voting record against her.

Still no retort from her about the fact she’s funded by big pharma and a plethora of other special interest groups, many of which are also funding the demcorats that are also running for governor. No retort from her about going along with the democrats to further hamstring police who try to respond to the riots in Portland. Instead, her entire campaign appears to be about pretending to oppose all of the democrat schemes that she went along with.


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