Will This Democrat-Capitulator, Big Pharma Funded, Establishment RINO Be Oregon’s Republican Governor Nominee?

Among the crowd of 19 Republicans vying for the Gubernatorial nomination in Oregon, one candidate stands out. Not for her commitment to conservative values, or standing up to the democrats, or vowing to do a full audit of Oregon’s Vote By Mail system. No no. She stands out due to her penchant for going along with the democrats and folding like a $3 WalMart lawn chair whenever posed with a tough decision, along with a raft of funding from Big Pharma™ and other deep-pocketed special interest groups, who also happen to fund the democrats.

Christine Drazan had been the House minority leader in Oregon since 2019, but resigned before the 2022 short session to focus on her race for Governor.

Over the past few years, Republicans in Oregon’s state legislature have been woefully outnumbered by the democrats. Their last, and final, tool to use was simply walking out, denying the democrats a quorum, and preventing things like cap and trade, tax hikes, and ineffective gun control bills from passing through the legislature. They did this in 2019 and 2020, and ended up actually stopping cap and trade.

That all came to a stop in 2021. Rumor has it the democrats were flush with funding, with which they bribed the republicans into not walking out, promising each House member $1 Million for their district and $2 Million for each Senate district, to be doled out however the politicians wanted. Drazan, of course, went along with it, allowing the democrats to pass a slew of bad bills.

Then came the special session for redistricting. With no “free money” left to bribe the republicans, democrat leader Tina Kotek had to promise to give republicans and equal say in the redistricting committee. Drazan evidently believed Kotek and went along with it. Kotek, now running for the democrat governor nomination, promptly reneged on that promise once the republicans were assembled and the democrats rammed through their version of the districts with zero input from the republicans. Naive Drazan then whined to the media, possibly figuring she could get more mileage out of playing the victim than actually standing up for republicans and walking out.

Instead of walking out, simply being on the House floor, even when voting NAY, meant the democrats could pass whatever they wanted, however they wanted, whenever they wanted. Meanwhile, Drazan just grandstanded about how she supposedly opposed all of the stuff the democrats were doing, yet her very presence there allowed them to do it.

Drazan has also been the beneficiary of an influx of money from big pharmaceutical companies and PACs. Pfizer, Genentech, Oregon Bio PAC, and something called PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) have all given thousands to Christine Drazan’s campaigns over the years.

Perhaps this means Drazan will become the pro-vaccine mandate candidate, should it come to that. After all, her campaign donors expect to get big payoffs using public money.

Oddly enough, all these PACs and corporations also donate to the two leading democrat gubernatorial candidates; the aforementioned Kotek, and state Treasurer Tobias Read, along with a host of other democrats, including current laughing stock of a governor, Kate Brown.

There’s a scattering of a few republicans here and there in those records, but most of these beneficiaries are democrats. How’s that saying go about birds of a feather?

But that’s not all. There are several other special interests who give to Drazan and also have ties to many of the democrats. For example, the Oregon Bankers PAC. They also donate to Betsy Johnson, who was a long-serving state Senator, now running for governor as non-affiliated, and touting herself as a middle-of-the-road moderate.

Then there are the Oregon Health Care Association PAC and the Oregon Hospital PAC, which pretty just want free handouts via government health care takeovers. They are literally funding three major governor campaigns all at the same time:

They have deep ties to the democrat party, including former-former-former Governor, John Kitzhaber, who resigned in shame amid a financing scandal at the start of his fourth/split term:

Once again, funding competing campaigns all at once:

Then the other far left special interest groups get their hands in the pie, such as the Equitable Housing PAC and Coalition For A Healthy Oregon PAC:

Anyone who’s researched campaign financing knows that there is no end to the rabbit hole, so yours truly has to call it at some point. The one common thread that all of these special interest PAC’s have is that they fund many democrat campaigns, and so-called republican Christine Drazan.

MEANWHILE, Drazan is being hammered from multiple angles on her shoddy record, often voting with Tina Kotek and the democrats. Two separate ads are running the facts about her votes while in Salem:


There’s also The Real Drazan website, launched by Oregon Firearms Federation.

Drazan has blossomed into the darling of the far left dominated media, snatching up endorsements from the Oregonian, Willamette Week, and Bend Bulletin. Usually whichever republican these rags endorses goes on to lose in the general election, so perhaps these “endorsements” should be treated more like an albatross.

Ballots are currently out in Oregon, and they will supposedly be counted this Tuesday.


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