VIDEO: Antifa Militants Crash Oregon Republican Governor Event, Lob Explosives At Crowd — Where Is the FBI?

Stop me if this sounds familiar, but antifa punks showed up to crash a campaign event in Portland, Oregon (duh), for Republican governor candidate Stan Pulliam.

The Oregon primary is May 17th, and campaigns across the state are ramping up. Stan Pulliam, current mayor of suburban Sandy, Oregon, decided to hold a rally in downtown Portland. Right across the street from the police station, at the now infamous Chapman square park, where many rallies and riots have taken place over the years.

The campaign stop started off innocently enough, with about 15 supporters there to hold signs for Pulliam. About 5 minutes in 15 or so antifa terrorists showed up began throwing flash-bang style explosive grenades, smoke bombs, ink bombs, handfuls of mud, and whatever else they could manage to throw.

They stole signs, attempted to steal the only pro camera that was on site, silly stringed people, vandalized Pulliam’s campaign bus, and you know, the usual.

VIDEO (language and violence warning, of course):

Stop me again if this still sounds familiar, but there were no police to be seen. Several Pulliam supporters started calling 911, only to wait on hold for several minutes, then get told by dispatch they were aware of the situation, but no officers arrived during the 10+ minute melee.

The Pulliam supporters eventually decided to flee the area, figuring that antifa has free reign to do whatever they want and get away with it.

Mayor Pulliam even had a chance to livestream during the covfefe to his Facebook page, proclaiming that this is the lawlessness his campaign is up against. You can see at one point the militants even targeted his wife, lobbing debris at her.

He posted a follow-up talking about the police situation, or lack there of.

After getting to safety, he posted this summary video:

This is just the latest example of terrorists being terrorists in terrorist hotbed, Portland, Oregon.

UPDATE: The Portland Police Bureau issued a press release.

The official press release reads:

A group assaulted another group using fireworks in downtown Portland, causing injuries to two people, and Arson Investigators are asking for public assistance.

On Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 12:03p.m., Central Precinct officers were notified of a group throwing items such a smoke grenade at another group in the area of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street. A PPB Sergeant began monitoring the situation and gathering available resources, although there were only a few officers available in the precinct. Updated information was that paint and larger fireworks were being thrown, and significant explosions were heard in the area. The sergeant requested the callers try to drive away to meet officers at another location in an attempt to deescalate the situation and allow officers to investigate. The group was able to drive away and meet with officers nearby.

They learned that two people had been hurt by mortars. One adult male had an injury to the hand, an adult female complained of hearing loss. There was also evidence balloons filled with paint and/or other substances were thrown at people and vehicles. The injured victims planned to seek medical care on their own and were not transported.

Once sufficient resources were in place, officers set up a crime scene at the location of the incident. Portland Police and Portland Fire & Rescue Arson Investigators responded to the scene. The suspects had left the scene and no immediate arrests were made, but the investigation is continuing.

If anyone has information about this incident, including any video and/or photographic evidence, and has not already spoken to police, they’re asked to e-mail [email protected] attn: Arson Unit and reference case number 22-114219.

One individual in Mayor Pulliam’s crowd suffered a contusion to his hand when one of the pieces of debris hit him.

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