Antifa Establishes Autonomous Zone On Portland Waterfront, Attack Media

Antifa militants in Portland are once again attempting to establish an autonomous zone, this time along the city’s waterfront. Taking advantage of the absence of police in the aftermath of what was supposed to be a large “right-wing” rally in the area that attracted hundreds of left-wing terrorists, Antifa stole a series of roadblocks and roadsigns and set them up around the waterfront. The area is being mocked as SSPAZ: Salmon Springs Park Autonomous Zone.

Among the many sights to behold is yet another death threat leveled toward Andy Ngo:

Among those attempting to cover this new zone are Tayler Hansen and Tara Szczepanski, of the Polish American Brotherhood. Szczepanski began livestreaming her tour, until she and Hansen were confronted and pepper-sprayed by a masked terrorist (occurs at approximately the 34:30 mark):

Antifa went on to brag about their violence and intimidation tactics:

We’ll see how long this version of the “autonomous zone” lasts. The last time they tried this in Portland was over the Red House debacle, and the zone lasted less than a week. They made multiple attempts to establish a zone during the riots of 2020 in the same parks where Occupy Portland melted into a mess, but they were unsuccessful each time.



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