Portland Police Declare Riot As Protesters Vow To Burn Precinct Down, Lob Debris At Police, Set Fires In Street

Predictably, the rioters in Portland, Oregon, took to the streets in an attempt to match their counterparts in Brooklyn Center, MN. They *PEACEFULLY* set dumpsters on fire, *PEACEFULLY* threw rocks through windows of a police precinct, *PEACEFULLY* threw fireworks at police, and *PEACEFULLY* chanted Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground.”

*PEACEFULLY*, of course.

Police eventually declared it an unlawful assembly then a riot:

As of this writing no arrests have been reported.

This comes just two days after the *PEACEFUL* protesters *PEACEFULLY* trapped people in the ICE building and *PEACEFULLY* set it on fire.


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