Liz Cheney Drops From Wyoming Senate Race

Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney and Fox News contributor, announced this morning she is dropping her bid in the Republican primary against Wyoming incumbent, Mike Enzi.

Nice. PA High School Plans “Trayvon Martin Day”, Kids Told To Wear Hoodies

Carrick High School in Pittsburgh, PA is encouraging its high school students to dress like a criminal,get high, flip the bird on social media,vandalize property, possibly physically assault their teachers, physically assault the bus driver, and get suspended THREE times from schoolfor drugs, truancy, graffiti, and getting caught by police with a bag of women’s jewelry and burglary tools.

Breaking: Senate Democrats Reject House Amendments AGAIN

Senator Harry Reid vowed consistently and repeatedly to reject anything coming from the House of Representatives that was other than his “clean” Continuing Resolution, which funds all of government and Obamacare entirely.