Offensive! Sen. Barbara Boxer Compares GOP To Domestic Abusers (Video)

The Left has an amazing way of exploiting victims.  This time it’s women suffering and dying from domestic abuse.

U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Ca) compared Republicans to domestic abusers.  How offensive to the millions of real victims suffering from the daily terror of physical and emotional abuse.  And how ironic that one of the most Liberal tools of Obama’s tyrannical administration would accuse the other side of abusing their power.  In March, 2010, the Democrats, high on power, committed an abuse to our country of epic proportion.  In spite of the protests of its own citizens and every member of the Republican party, Obama and his Democrats passed Obamacare and pillaged 1/6th of our economy.  Also, victims on the Left’s long list of abuses to our country…  WW II veteransCatholic troops,  Americans owed a tax refundsenior citizens, anyone wanting to enjoy the CLOSED OCEAN, or open air monuments… all part of Obama’s marching orders to make life “as difficult as possible for Americans.”

From The Blaze, watch the floor speech, courtesy of C-SPAN

The Blaze reports,

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) compared conservative House GOP members to those who commit domestic abuse on Monday.

“When you start acting like you’re committing domestic abuse, you’ve got a problem,” Boxer said, as first reported by The Hill. “ ‘I love you dear, but I’m shutting down your entire government. I love you dear, but I’m going to default.’”

The comments came in a speech on the Senate floor. In that same speech, the outspoken liberal senator said she was holding back how she really felt.

“I’m very mindful of the words I use on the Senate floor, so I’m not going to say what I think about this, exactly the way I would talking to my family,” Boxer said. “But there is no reason for it [default]. It makes no sense.”

(H/T: The Hill)

The scariest part… Boxer said she was “holding back on how she really felt.”

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