Nice. PA High School Plans “Trayvon Martin Day”, Kids Told To Wear Hoodies


Carrick High School in Pittsburgh, PA is encouraging its high school students to dress like a criminal, get high, flip the bird on social media, vandalize property, possibly physically assault their teachers, physically assault the bus driver, and get suspended THREE times from school for drugs, truancy, graffiti, and getting caught by police with a bag of women’s jewelry and burglary tools.

And they’re shocked that parents are outraged.

According to CBS Pittsburgh,


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Parents were upset after Carrick High School approved a plan to have a Trayvon Martin theme day during the school’s homecoming.

The homecoming committee, and school voted and approved the theme which is part of school spirit week.

Parents were upset that kids were being encouraged to wear hoodies to school during the Wednesday theme.


How about honoring someone the high school students would be better off aspiring to become?  Like Chris Lane, the 22 year old Australian student attending college on a scholarship, who was gunned down in a thrill killing by “bored teenagers” in Oklahoma.


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