White House Garden Rots While Non-Furloughed Gardeners Are Forbidden To Harvest

Michelle Obama garden

More crazy coming from the administration that wants to be in control of your healthcare.

Due to the government shutdown, many of the White House gardeners have been furloughed.  But, many White House gardeners have not.  The problem is the remaining gardeners are forbidden from harvesting the ripe produce.  They’re only allowed to water the plants as they watch them rot, or get harvested by the squirrels.  Tally another victim to the Obama shutdown bullying.  A portion of the harvest was to go to a homeless shelter.

The Daily Mail reports,


While neither Republicans or Democrats are winning in the government shutdown, there is one group that’s having a field day: the White House squirrels. 

The government shutdown coincided with the White House garden’s harvest season, and since much of the staff that tends to the garden has been furloughed the crop has gotten out of control.

The staff that were allowed to stay are only allowed to water the plants. Triming, fetrilizing, transplanting, mowing and harvesting are all off limits.

Near the end of October, the first lady invites kids to help harvest all of the vegetables but who knows what will be left once the squirrels have their way.  

The White House expects the shutdown to be over by the end of the month, and have already pledged a portion of the crop to Miriam’s Kitchen, a DC group which serves healthy meals to the poor and homeless.

The rest of the garden’s crop is used by the White House kitchen for state dinners and other high-profile events.

Apparently, Michelle Obama can’t be bothered to tend her own garden.  Picking a tomato involves exercise and effort, something she routinely scolds the country about.

Hat tip: Gini

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