Rush Nails It. Despite Media’s Love, Obama Approval Plummets — Republicans Are Not Losing!

Rush Limbaugh nailed it.
The GOP is winning–

In March 2006, polls showed President George Bush had a 37% approval rating.  The exact same 37% approval rating as Obama’s today.  But, the difference in media headlines for the two presidents is disgustingly extreme.  Blasting and berating Bush with insults and doom and gloom projections, the same media emits hardly a peep regarding Obama’s plummeting approval.  Rush unleashed a firestorm of truth that left no doubt there is zero journalism taking place in the Liberal media.  But, the important point made during his articulate war path is that the Republicans are NOT losing.  In spite of the media throwing everything they have into spinning silk out of the sow’s ear behavior of the worst president in history, he has the same low approval rating as Bush did with the media throwing everything AT him.  Propped up media darling, Obama, along with his Democrats, should have an approval rating sky high and the Republicans’ should be a lot worse.

So, Rush’s message to Republicans inside the Beltway is stop the self-flagellation.  We’re not losing!

Excerpt of the Transcript from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH:  So Bo Snerdley walks into my compound here, broadcast facility, oh, I guess about an hour ago.  And he’s somewhat stuttering, trying to pay me a compliment.  He says, “How did you… I mean, well, I know you know, but how did you… how did you…” I said, “What are you talking about?”

“How did you know we were winning this?”  He had just seen the AP story with Obama’s approval rating at 37% .  Grab sound bite number two.  Barack Obama’s approval rating at 37% .  That fact is in an AP story.  Would you like to hear the headline of that AP story?  … “Poll: GOP Gets The Blame In Shutdown.” And then if you read the story, you find out that as an incidental item, the president of the United States’ approval number is at 37% . 

This is before that insulting, juvenile, petulant, spoiled-rotten little kid press conference from yesterday, about which there was not one question asked about Obamacare and its rollout. Not one question in that presser yesterday.  We have also learned that the Park Service and Obama okayed a pro-amnesty immigration reform rally on the National Mall that is closed to everybody else, including World War II vets.  Nancy Pelosi and a number of Democrats, who are, I think, in a time warp, a bunch of them went over there and got arrested as though this is still the 1960s.  John Lewis got arrested. Charlie Rangel got arrested, as though it’s some badge of honor to get arrested.  These people are totally tone-deaf.

The president’s at 37% .  The shutdown is going on.


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