Rush Nails It. Despite Media’s Love, Obama Approval Plummets — Republicans Are Not Losing!

Rush Limbaugh nailed it.
The GOP is winning–

In March 2006, polls showed President George Bush had a 37% approval rating.  The exact same 37% approval rating as Obama’s today.  But, the difference in media headlines for the two presidents is disgustingly extreme.  Blasting and berating Bush with insults and doom and gloom projections, the same media emits hardly a peep regarding Obama’s plummeting approval.  Rush unleashed a firestorm of truth that left no doubt there is zero journalism taking place in the Liberal media.  But, the important point made during his articulate war path is that the Republicans are NOT losing.  In spite of the media throwing everything they have into spinning silk out of the sow’s ear behavior of the worst president in history, he has the same low approval rating as Bush did with the media throwing everything AT him.  Propped up media darling, Obama, along with his Democrats, should have an approval rating sky high and the Republicans’ should be a lot worse.

So, Rush’s message to Republicans inside the Beltway is stop the self-flagellation.  We’re not losing!

Excerpt of the Transcript from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH:  So Bo Snerdley walks into my compound here, broadcast facility, oh, I guess about an hour ago.  And he’s somewhat stuttering, trying to pay me a compliment.  He says, “How did you… I mean, well, I know you know, but how did you… how did you…” I said, “What are you talking about?”

“How did you know we were winning this?”  He had just seen the AP story with Obama’s approval rating at 37% .  Grab sound bite number two.  Barack Obama’s approval rating at 37% .  That fact is in an AP story.  Would you like to hear the headline of that AP story?  … “Poll: GOP Gets The Blame In Shutdown.” And then if you read the story, you find out that as an incidental item, the president of the United States’ approval number is at 37% . 

This is before that insulting, juvenile, petulant, spoiled-rotten little kid press conference from yesterday, about which there was not one question asked about Obamacare and its rollout. Not one question in that presser yesterday.  We have also learned that the Park Service and Obama okayed a pro-amnesty immigration reform rally on the National Mall that is closed to everybody else, including World War II vets.  Nancy Pelosi and a number of Democrats, who are, I think, in a time warp, a bunch of them went over there and got arrested as though this is still the 1960s.  John Lewis got arrested. Charlie Rangel got arrested, as though it’s some badge of honor to get arrested.  These people are totally tone-deaf.

The president’s at 37% .  The shutdown is going on.

Now we learn that five military families were insulted profoundly with the way the deaths of their service member relatives were treated.  Folks, it is obvious that this administration is acting purposely to inconvenience and to harm people it considers its political enemies.  Why in the world, in the middle of this, when you’re losing, why call that press conference yesterday and why go out there and keep saying, “I’m willing to negotiate” and this sort of thing, why do that on the same day that you are permitting — I mean, you talk about a thumb in the eye. You talk about almost being spat upon to allow the closed — because of the shutdown — National Mall to open up for a pro-amnesty immigration rally.  The people allowed in there were illegal.  They were not American citizens.

Meanwhile, outside the fences, not permitted in, American citizens, World War II vets and their families are not allowed to go to the World War II Memorial.  And the Democrats and the media and the president somehow think that this is adding up to their benefit?  Here’s Pelosi yesterday.  Grab sound bite 13.  This is Pelosi yesterday on the National Mall during a rally in favor of amnesty, comprehensive immigration reform.

PELOSI:  I want to join my colleague, uh, uh, who, uh — thank the president for enabling us to gather here and also thank the president that the veterans were able to gather at the World War II Memorial.

RUSH:  They weren’t!  They weren’t.  It was shut down.  They were not able to.  The rollout of Obamacare continues to be an absolute disaster.  Even the Washington Post and CBS News are now writing and broadcasting what a debacle the rollout of Obamacare is and that website.  I’ve got an open letter that a 26-year-old female grad student from the University of Michigan wrote about how Obamacare has destroyed her future and the future of everybody her age.

Meanwhile, if you are a conservative media guy inside the Beltway you’re convinced that Obama’s winning everything.  …[snip]… You think, as John Podhoretz writes in the New York Post today, Republicans are committing suicide.  It’s the exact opposite.  It’s the exact opposite of what’s happening outside the Beltway.

…I want to go back to March 13th of 2006.  This is from our all-time top five favorite audio sound bites.  Wolf Blitzer, barely able to contain himself, March 13, 2006, CNN, The Situation Room, his show.  Unable to contain himself.  George W. Bush’s approval rating had just hit 36% .

Read here for Wolf Blitzer’s March 10, 2006 3-hour long doom and gloom rant over Bush’s 36% approval rating.

… Today Barack Obama’s approve number’s at 37% , and they are not talking about it.  The AP story in which that poll result is announced has the following headline:  “Poll: GOP Gets The Blame In Shutdown.” They have a poll that shows that 71% of the American people are blaming the Republicans for the shutdown.  In the same poll, 50% are blaming the Democrats for something, but the media says, “Look, 20% spread, boy, the Republicans are really taking it on the chin for the government shutdown.”  But the poll does not say people are upset with the shutdown.

But that’s not the point.  The point is, once again, there is no media, there is no news.  This is the Democrat Party with activists disguised as journalists.  Thirty-seven percent approval for The Messiah, “Barack Hussein Obama!  Mmm!  Mmm!  Mmm!”  And it’s not some outlier poll.  …

Read here for the AP’s Ron Fournier gloating over Bush’s 37% approval on March 13, 2006.

…That was after three years of a daily, relentless pounding of Bush by the Drive-By Media.  Daily characterizations of Bush as an idiot, as incompetent, as irresponsible, as stupid, as a buffoon.  We were heading into a recession.  It took ’em three years to get Bush down to 37% .  And when they got to 37% , they celebrated. …

Those were the issues that the Republican Party, it was said by AP, was running away from George W. Bush: port security, immigration, spending, warrantless eavesdropping, which can’t even hold a candle to what Obama has been doing on any of those issues.  And then Fournier said, “Personally, far fewer Americans consider Bush likable, honest, strong and dependable than they did just after his re-election campaign.” The headline was: “Bush’s Approval Rating Falls to New Low.”  Obama’s at 37% today in an AP poll, and the headline is:  “GOP Blamed for Shutdown.”  It’s journalistic malpractice, except it’s not because it’s not journalism.  It’s not what we’re even talking about here.


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