Sick! New Iranian Law Allows Fathers To Marry Their 13 Year Old Adopted Daughters

Iran child marriage

Nothing like combining incest with pedophilia to make sure it’s really sick.  Iran just passed a new law allowing fathers to marry their 13 year old adopted daughters.  And “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani sanctioned it.

According to The Daily Mail,

A new law in Iran that allows men to marry their adopted daughters at the age of 13 has caused major concern that the country’s new president is not as progressive as originally thought.

President Hassan Rouhani has been hailed as a new moderate voice in the controversial Middle Eastern government but the approval of the new law shows that the extreme beliefs in the intolerant country have not evaporated.

The law was approved by the Iranian members of parliament and maintains that girls can marry with the permission of their father at the age of 13 and young boys at the age of 15.

The timing of the law being passed through the first legal hurdle, as reported by The Guardian, comes just days after Rouhani’s landmark phone call with President Obama- the first between the two countries leaders in 34 years- and an interview with CNN where he admitted the existence of the Holocaust- something that has long been denied by the religious extremists in Iran.

The law in question pertains to the legal marriage age, but the concern about incest is an additional factor for human rights advocates.

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