Insane. Responsible Boston Teenager Punished For Being Designated Driver

Erin Cox

More bureaucratic insanity.

A Boston teenager, responding to a request from an intoxicated friend to drive her home, was punished instead.  The police confirmed that Erin Cox, arriving at a party to pick up her friend, was sober.  But, the 17 year old was gathered up with the underage drinkers, anyway, and summoned to court for drinking.  Then the North Andover High School punished her further.  She lost her position as captain of the volleyball team and was suspended for five games.

The school’s response is that Erin is in violation of the school’s zero tolerance policy toward alcohol and drug use.  So, the bureaucrats have zero tolerance toward zero behavior.  And, apparently, that includes zero thinking.

MyFoxBoston reports,

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. ( – A 17-year-old North Andover High School student was stripped of her captain’s position on the volleyball team and suspended for five games after she went to a party to pick up an intoxicated friend, reports The Boston Herald.

Erin Cox received a call from a friend, who was allegedly intoxicated, and asked her to pick her up from a party on Main Street in Boxford. Being a good friend, Erin went to pick her up, but instead met police just as they arrived at the house, the newspaper reports.

Authorities arrested a dozen underage drinkers and warned another 15 underage youth, including Erin Cox, that they would be summoned to court for drinking.

An officer at the scene vouched for Erin Cox’s sobriety, but she was still summoned to court, stripped of her captain’s position, and suspended.

Geoffrey Bok, the school’s attorney, told the newspaper the school is trying to take a stand against teen drinking, which is a “serious problem.”

Eleanor Cox, Erin’s mother, has hired attorney Wendy Murphy. They are looking to fight back.

In a statement, Murphy said, “With near daily stories of high school students dying in alcohol-fueled car accidents, we should be glad that young people like Erin Cox are willing to help friends who might not otherwise get home safely. By punishing Erin Cox, the North Andover School District sends a contrary and very dangerous message – that young people are better off not letting their friends drive drunk. We will soon file formal legal action against the school district in the hope that officials there will think twice before imposing sanctions on any student whose only offense involves trying to prevent yet another drunk-driving tragedy.”

They are “taking a stand against teenage drinking.”  Apparently, the incompetent bureaucratic idiots are taking a stand against non-drinking, responsible, designated drivers, as well.