EBT System Goes Down: Obama Voters Threaten Mass Riots

“cuz lock your doors load your guns they cut off ebt cards nationwide” – Twitter

They voted for Obama for the free stuff.  Now the free stuff isn’t happening.  So they riot.

Today, the Electronic Benefits Transfer system (electronic food stamps debit card) went down in several states due to a computer glitch, and Obama voters are going nuts on Twitter, threatening mass rioting.  This is free government money gone bad and exactly what’s wrong with our country.

According to WoodTV (NBC 8),

NBC News reports several states were affected by the glitch. The USDA released a statement saying:EBT cards in a number of states have temporarily stopped working today due to a technical issue that the vendor that serves these states is experiencing. The vendor is working to fix this issue and EBT cards will work again once it is resolved. This issue is not related to the government shutdown.”

Pat Dollard reports, from TWITCHY,






Great!  From GP Commenter, Mino:

Welfare recipients using their smartphone to tweet about rioting over losing their food stamps. Classic.

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