Breaking: Senate Democrats Reject House Amendments AGAIN

Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid vowed consistently and repeatedly to reject anything coming from the House of Representatives that was other than his “clean” Continuing Resolution, which funds all of government and Obamacare entirely.  But, the House GOP did not roll over as Reid demanded, and added amendments to the CR deferring the funding of Obamacare for another year, as well as, including a Conscience Clause, an opt-out for contraceptive coverage.  Today, Harry Reid tabled the House amendments, and his simple majority of Senate Democrats supported the rejection.

According to the Washington Post,

The Senate rejected House amendments to a short-term spending bill Monday, killing a provision that would delay President Obama’s health-care law and moving the U.S. government closer to its first shutdown in nearly two decades.

The Senate vote came shortly after Obama said he was not resigned to a shutdown and plans to continue talking to congressional leaders.

The 54 to 46 party-line vote made good on a vow by Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) to reject a funding bill approved by the House early Sunday because it would delay Obama’s signature 2010 health-care law for one year and repeal a tax on medical devices.

Immediately after the Senate convened Monday afternoon, Reid moved to table the House amendments. That exercise required a simple majority and was accomplished solely with Democratic votes.

UPDATE: The House approved another amendment removing parts of the funding for Obamacare and sent it back to the Senate.  The Senate just summarily rejected it again.

The Washington Post reports,

With a midnight deadline fast approaching, the House voted 228 to 201 to approve the third GOP proposal in two weeks to fund the government — a plan that would delay enforcement of the “individual mandate,” a cornerstone of the legislation that requires all Americans to obtain health coverage in 2014.

Less than an hour after they were approved, the Senate quickly rejected the amendments, which also would have revoked health insurance subsidies for lawmakers and their staffs.

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