Miriam Carey’s Family Demands To Know Why Capitol Police Gunned Down Their Unarmed Sister

Miriam Carey car

Miriam Carey car 2
Miriam Carey “was killed by so many police bullets her family was allowed only to see her photograph to identify her”.

Miriam Carey confused America last week when she inexplicably rammed her car into the White House security gate, then sped away.  It was later discovered the 34 year old woman with her young toddler in the car was most likely suffering from postpartum depression and mental illness.  Miriam Carey was unarmed, but the police gunned her down, anyway.  She was surrounded by police, in her stopped car, with a child inside.

Now, Miriam Carey’s five sisters, one of which is an NYPD police officer, want answers.

According to WorldNetDaily,

The sisters of a Connecticut woman shot and killed by police in Washington, D.C., a week ago say they have many unanswered questions, including why officers chose to draw their guns and point them at a woman who may, at that point, have done no more than make bad driving decisions.

Miriam Carey, 34, was killed Oct. 3 after a car chase from the White House to the Capitol. Police say she rammed a metal barricade at the White House with her black Infiniti, although multiple videos show the front of her car relatively undamaged, and she was able to drive away.

Sources say she made an erratic turn, struck the barrier, backed into an officer and then drove away, with her 13-month-old daughter in the back seat. Security vehicles stopped her on Pennsylvania Avenue on her way to the Capitol. She slammed the car in reverse, hitting a police cruiser, then tried to get away as police officers began firing.

She crashed into security barriers a few blocks away, where she was killed by so many police bullets her family was allowed only to see her photograph to identify her.

By the way, the Capitol Police is the same outfit that told a tactical response team, fully prepared and ready to stop the Navy Yard mass shooting, to instead leave the scene.


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