Wicked! Canada Free Press Says, “Head Back To Your Coffin DRACOBAMA”

Obama Dracula

Whoa!  The Canada Free Press told our President “Dracobama” to head back to his coffin today.  And take with him his ghouls of the Left.  Beginning with a scorching poem, the rest of the article was smoking with derision for Obama’s bad behaviors, most especially his harassment of 90 year old WWII Veterans during the government shutdown.  Encouraging us not to fear this creature of villainy, we should, instead, view him with “laughter and ridicule.”

“He dwells in the dark like a blood sucking ghoul,
But Dracobama is naught but a fool.
He stamps his feet like a petulant child,
As around the world he is laughingly reviled.

On our WWII vets fear he tried to impart,
But our military heroes drove a stake through his heart.
Against Dracobama no garlic is needed,
As the garden of tyranny soon will be weeded.

You’ll learn Dracobama the American people
Will not cower from you like meek little Sheeple.
Our resolve to defeat you will never soften,
So take your fake fangs and head back to your coffin.”

The Canada Free Press continues,

I admit to being a horror movie buff and, especially during this time of year, haul them out to watch yet again. One thing you learn is most of the monsters in these flicks are not invincible. Jason and Michael Meyers are the exceptions to this rule.  No matter how you try to kill them, they keep coming after you. In that respect, I believe the tea party may be Jason and Michael to Dracobama and the ghouls of the left.  They have been trying to destroy us for years, yet here we are still fighting against them.

Dracula was the stuff of children’s nightmares until you realized he was afraid of garlic. Just how scary can amonster be if you can frighten him away with a vegetable you grow in your garden?  In this regard, the tea party may well be Dracobama’s garlic.  Make no mistake, this faux ghoul fears us. He has made that abundantly clear in his attacks the last few years.

There are two ways to actually kill a vampire; the first involves driving a stake through its heart.  When Dracobama put up a flimsy fence around their memorial, our Vets drove a stake through his heart and merely moved the fence. Now in a further show of his bravery against 90 year old men, old Draco has wired the fence together. Yep, that’ll work. Apparently they’ve never heard of wire cutters in Chicagovania. Stay tuned for Stake through the heart, Round 2.

That brings us to the second way to kill a vampire; expose it to sunlight. As more and more sunlight has been shone on Dracobama, the less scary, and more the stammering fool, he has looked.  Take away his teleprompter and Old Draco trips over his tongue and slurs his words. It’s as if a member of the “Choom Gang” inhabits the Oval Office. The tea party and all patriotic Americans must keep the sunlight of truth shining on this fangless farce.

Dracobama is not a creature to be feared, but deserving of laughter and ridicule. He is not a leader, but a joke. We are not Sheeple and our resolve must be strong. As for me, the garlic is planted, the sun is shining and the stake is at the ready.

For the first time in our history, we have elected a villain as president, unlike any other.  As Obama prepares to arrest Catholic priests today if they dare say mass for the Troops, our admonitions are confirmed.  He’s a monster.

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