Equality For Criminals! Gov. Jerry Brown Hands Out California Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants

All these illegal immigrants need to do is cross over the border again, and head to California to get their driver’s license.  Governor Brown is handing them out!

The U.S. Border Patrol apprehends over 350,000 illegal immigrants each year trying to cross over the Mexican border, and this is estimated to be only half of all attempts.  And, almost half of those caught say they will cross the border again, which elevates them to felons.

Today, in an act that immigrant-rights groups view as “a major step toward equality for illegal immigrants,” California Governor Jerry Brown granted these criminal burdens on our society, who should not be here, the right to have a California driver’s license.


According to the Washington Times,

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Thursday granting illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, in a decision immigrant rights groups hailed as a major step forward for their movement.

The country’s largest state becomes the latest to reverse course and grant legal driving privileges to illegal immigrants.

Mr. Brown, a Democrat, still has several other major immigration bills pending on his desk that he must sign or reject by Oct. 13, including one that would let local police ignore immigration authorities who ask that dangerous criminals be held for transfer to the federal government.

The new California licenses will have special markings that show they aren’t supposed to be used as identification for federal purposes, but they will allow illegal immigrants to drive legally and, advocates said, to own cars. …

Immigrant-rights groups view licenses as a major step toward equality for illegal immigrants.

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