Whoa! Piers Morgan Says Media Too “Soft” On Obama

Piers Morgan



One of CNN’s most Liberal loudmouths, Piers Morgan, said in an interview with Newsmax that the news media are too “soft” on Obama and his “completely unacceptable” performance.  Criticizing Obama for doing nothing over the past five years to fix the financial crisis and high unemployment, leading from behind in foreign policy, failing to protect our ambassadors and servicemen, and being unable to define what he stands for, Morgan thinks the U.S. press should hit Obama harder.

According to Newsmax,


CNN’s Piers Morgan, who as a top tabloid newspaper editor in Britain for years had his reporters ask tough questions and write hard-hitting exposes, thinks the U.S. press has been too easy on the Obama administration.

“I would say actually they’ve been probably quite soft and could have gone harder. The financial crisis was inherited by the president, but he’s been there long enough to try to work it out himself. Unemployment’s still comfortably over 7 percent — really completely unacceptable,” said Morgan, 48. …

“Issues like Benghazi have exposed some of the limitations of his leading from behind on foreign policy and a lack of attention to detail in protecting the American ambassadors and serviceman around the world. There needs to be more clarity from the president about what he really stands for, what he really wants to achieve.” 

‘Ever since I’ve been on air at CNN in three years, it’s been one catastrophe and crisis after another down in D.C. and nothing ever seems to get resolved. Meanwhile, the national debt is $17 trillion, a third of which is owned by the Chinese.”

Ooooooh…criticism.  I wonder if he’ll get the same Bob Beckel phone call from Obama’s thugs in the White House.

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