Dick Metcalf Discovers Traitors to the 2nd Amendment Will Not Be Treated Well


Last November, Dick Metcalf, gun expert, writer, and contributing editor for the popular magazine Guns & Ammo, went off the rails and authored an article advocating for limiting our 2nd Amendment rights.  The backlash from his horrified followers and the gun rights community was immediate and thorough.  Metcalf was fired from Guns & Ammo, his TV show was cancelled, and the inflow of free products and trips around the world came to a screeching halt.  In a recent interview with the New York Times, Metcalf describes himself as having been “vanished, disappeared.”  But the Constitutional traitor offers no apologies.  In fact, he tells the gun rights hating New York Times writer that he should have written more.

Breitbart reports on the New York Times interview,

The NYT wonders why “moderate” voices are silenced in the world of gun journalism.

On November 5th Breitbart News reported that Metcalf used his G&A column to argue that all constitutional rights have and need regulation, including 2nd Amendment rights. The outcry against Metcalf was immediate and his firing swift. On November 7th Breitbart News reported that Metcalf had been fired by G&A.

According to NYT, Metcalf’s life changed completely thereafter – his television show was ended, “gun companies… stopped flying him around the world,” and they’ve also stopped sending him samples of the newest guns to review.

NYT points out that Metcalf isn’t the only former member of gun journalism to which this has happened, but others before him did not fall from so high nor did they fade so fast.

Sitting quietly in his Illinois home, Metcalf told NYT, “I’ve been vanished, disappeared.” Yet he said he does not regret writing the article in favor of 2nd Amendment regulations. His only regret is that the article “was too short” to capture the full nuances of his beliefs.

Metcalf shouldn’t be shocked.  Americans don’t suffer threats to their Constitutional rights.  They squash them.

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