Accused Murderer OJ Simpson Launches Twitter Account – Threatens “Getting Even” — ON ANNIVERSARY WEEK OF NICOLE’S MURDER

OJ SImpson is on at @TheRealOJ32 Previously accused of double murderer, OJ Simpson, and ex-felon OJ Simpson announced his arrival to the world of social media: “Hey world this is yours truly and Im coming soon to twitter and you’ll get to read all my thoughts and opinions on just about everything.

Interesting Take: Christchurch Massacre Dubbed “The First Trolling Mass Murder” (Video)

Guest post by Bright Start News YouTuber, Thomas Wictor, posted a video positing the idea that the Christchurch New Zealand massacre was not a race or religion inspired terror attack, rather it was the worlds first example of demented nihilist and a “Trolling Mass-Murder.” The original video, which can be seen in full here is 12 minutes long, so we chopped it down to the 3 minutes that really matter for the point he’s making (you’re welcome).