TYPICAL: Ultra Liberal Rabbi Jonah Pesner Tweets Support For Radical Anti-Semite Democrat Ilhan Omar

Guest post by Bright Start News

The only people left who think Ilhan Omar isn’t a rabid anti-semite also think OJ didn’t do it, and that the moon landing was faked. You’d have to be a flat-earther to continue making excuses for her bigotry and hatred.

That’s why it’s especially galling to see a rabbi race to defend Ilhan, and in a completely ridiculous way, comparing the yarmulka (kippah) to hijab.

The hijab, like the kippah I wear, is a symbol of faith protected by the Constitution. Freedom of religion is a source of this nation’s strength.

On it’s face, yes, the hijab is in fact protected under the constitution. No free Muslim should be forced by law to remove it. The same way no free Muslim should be forced by law to wear it. But that’s where the comparison ends.

NO the kippah is NOT anything like the hijab. No modern Jew has ever been forced by law to wear it. A jewish man can walk into just about ANY synagogue in this country, or around the world, and opt out of the kippah and have no problem from anyone.

Can the same be said for muslim women and the hijab? Not likely. Especially around the world. The West is where Muslim women come to ESCAPE the hijab and other compulsory religious requirements. Is there any place a Jew ever has to flee to escape the yarmulka?

Rabbi Pesner is exactly the kind of ultra-progressive Jew who is murdering Judaism with his radical leftism. He might mean well, but he’s doing horrific damage by running interference for oppression under the guise of religious freedom.

Liberal Jews need to realize they’re putting the entire community at risk when they allow themselves to be used by anti-Semites, the way Ilhan is using the tweet Rabbi Pesner put up. She’s wrapping herself in the protective blanket of his Jewish stamp of approval.

Of course, we don’t expect Rabbi Pesner to get the message anytime soon. After all, how many rabbis line up to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jesse “Hymie Town” Jackson, as seen above? That’s some offensive sh!t right there, Rabbi.

Last, if sharia mandated modesty is so super awesome, why do Islamic sex slaves burn their body suits as the first act of liberation when they’re given the opportunity?


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