Hillary’s 2020 Campaign Off to a Slow Start— Prices Slashed at Los Angeles Show to 2 Bucks

Guest post by Bright Start News

Uh oh! Hillary Clinton’s 2020 campaign is already faltering, even before she officially announces.

The former Secretary of State and her husband, accused rapist and former Democrat President, Bill Clinton, are currently on a multi-city tour that they launched last November.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have announced a 2018-2019 arena tour, launching on Nov. 18. The BIll and Hillary Clinton tour will be known as “An Evening with The Clintons” and is billed as an up close and personal live event

The tour is winding down now, and much like Hillary’s sister network, CNN, the ratings are down. Way down. How far down?

Ticket prices are dramatically slashed for Bill and Hillary Clinton’s speaking tour with seats in LA being sold for just $2

That far down.

It wasn’t very different in Seattle:

the Seattle Times reported tickets on the secondary market were being sold for just $20 for Friday’s appearance at Seattle’s WaMu Theater. The best tickets were $829 but that was a 54 percent drop from $1,785 when the tour was first advertised.

Hillary Clintonomics.


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