Clapper Tries to Backtrack, Tells CNN: “Collusion Obstruction Aside, The Big Story Is The Magnitude Of Russia Interference” (Video)

Despite the fact that the Special Council, no matter how many lives he ruined, couldn’t find a shred of evidence against the President, CNN is still pushing that impeachment drug on their gullible viewers.

The left has lost control of the narrative and it’s driving them insane.

Propagandist, Chris Cuomo, hosted liar, former Obama DNI Director James Clapper, to discuss today’s developments.


Clapper, a known liar who many consider to be a coup plotter himself, claimed that there is indeed a pathway to impeachment of President Trump, if the Congress were to choose to follow it.

Clapper simultaneously tried to distance himself from the whole stinking turd, by saying “collusion, obstruction aside, the big deal to me is the magnitude of Russian interference!”

Ya got that, America? You can ignore the fact that Clapper spied on Americans and hobbled a President for 2 years, all while implying his supporters were complicit in colluding with Putin. The real story is that Putin bought a few Facebook ads and sent some tweets!

Someone needs to pay for this. Clapper would be a great start.


Liar James Clapper Changes His Tune: In 2018 He Said There Was No Spying on Trump, Now He Can’t Say for Sure (VIDEO)


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