SOCIALISM IN ACTION: Venezuelans Collect Drinking Water …FROM THE SEWER!

Guest post by Bright Start News

Socialism in action!

These poor bastards, Venezuelan citizens of the socialist revolution, are forced to collect sewage runoff for drinking water!

Desperate Venezuelans swarm sewage drains in search of water

These same suffering people are eating from garbage trucks.

A lot of Americans helped usher in this new era of poverty. Let’s stroll down memory lane:

Chavez with good buddy Sean Penn:

Chavez with good buddy Oliver Stone:

Chavez with good buddy Michael Moore:

Chavez and his billionaire daughter with good buddy Susan Sarandon:

Chavez with good buddy, and all around good guy, Kevin Spacey:

Chavez with good buddy Former President Obama:

Chavez with good buddy Danny Glover:

And who could forget Chavez with good buddy Former President Carter:

Chavez with good buddy and terrorist Mahmoud Amadinijad:

We would’ve included images of Chavez with his pals in the Republican Party, but there are none. Oddly, the only Americans this leftist dictator had were all on the left side of the aisle.

Democrats should personally fly fresh drinking water, give it to these people, and then take a swig of the sewer water their policies produce.