WINNING! Foxconn Plans Increase In US Manufacturing Thanks To Trump Tariffs!

Anther win for the US thanks to President Donald Trump!
President Trump’s tariffs are working:

Liu was speaking at Foxconn’s first investor conference in Taipei, where the company also said it was well positioned to tackle the “increasingly tough” trade war situation with its production lines across 16 countries.

The trade war “will have some impact, but it will be limited,” Liu said.

He also emphasized that Foxconn’s investment in Wisconsin was more important than before given the trade war.

The longer the Chinese refuse to negotiate in good faith, the more manufacturing will return to the United States.

Will our iPhones and iPads cost more? Probably, but too bad! It’ll be less expensive than paying for a welfare society that has no middle class.

At this point, there’s very little incentive for Trump to make a deal with the Chinese that doesn’t include transfer of their tech to us!

You ever get the feeling that the last thing Trump wants is for China to come to an agreement on trade? The longer this trade war continues, the more manufacturing will move back the US. At this point, China’s going to need to make a damn attractive offer.

Also, if Foxconn moves MORE manufacturing to the US, good luck to the Democrats in 2020. WI will probably legally change the state’s name to WisTRUMPsin.


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