PROVE IT! “Kansas Hopes To Resurrect Proof-Of-Citizenship Voting Law”

Guest post by Bright Start News

Is Kansas just trolling progressives? Because this would be the perfect way to make the open border left go completely insane.

Kansas is asking an appeals court to resurrect a law that had required people who were registering to vote to show documents proving their U.S. citizenship.

This might have to do with the many convictions for voter fraud in Kansas since 2015.

But right on cue….we’re in Nazi Germany.

Isn’t this illegal? Don’t we have a right not to be asked to show papers? This isn’t Germany 1938.

They cant stand that their attempts at voter suppression keep getting suppressed by the courts.

This is a poll tax.

How many Kansas citizens have US passports? They cost 110$ + passport photos. That should cut some folk out of voting. Your birth certificates could be forged probably not a reliable source for proof.

Not everyone’s reacting negatively:

there are 11 plus million illegals in this country. They broke our laws getting in, they steal SSN to get documents, they have pattern of violating our laws. Protecting the vote is rational.

You need an ID to buy a gun. I have no problems with this.

Yes, in fact there should be a background check on every voter registration.


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