Actual Daily Mail Headline: Conservative Attitudes Toward Sex Cause Increase In Syphilis… WTH?

This is a new level of insanity…

The Daily Mail is blaming “conservative attitudes to sex” for a rise in syphilis.

We’re not sure how abstaining from casual sex can cause a rise in STD’s but the Daily Mail has it all worked out!

Rural communities where people have less access to healthcare and more conservative attitudes towards sex may be fuelling a rise in syphilis, experts warn.

More than 101,000 people in the US were diagnosed with syphilis in 2017 and officials have raised concerns about a resurgence in the UK and Australia, too.

Figures have suggested the use of heroin and methamphetamine are driving up syphilis rates in the US, but where people live may also be a factor.

In small towns people might be afraid of seeing a doctor they know personally, or doctors who have never seen syphilis before may struggle to diagnose it, experts suggest.

Wow, there it is in the 3rd paragraph! The problem is the conservative attitudes toward sex commonly held by heroin and meth heads!

Hard to imagine why anyone would consider the fake news media the enemy of the people.

An old Venereal Disease poster (ww2live)


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