Sri Lanka Terrorists Were WEALTHY! Jihad Is NOT Driven By Poverty – Another Hoax Contrived by Democrats

Democrats love to tell us that Jihad is driven by poverty, but the truth is, jihad is only driven by Sharia. Period. Full stop.

Case in point: Sri Lanka’s Wealthy Jihadi Bros

Wealthy brothers Inshaf and Ilham Ibrahim calmly walked into the luxury Shangri-La and Cinnamon Grand hotels and detonated their vests as guests were eating breakfast.

Their attacks claimed the lives of at least 41 foreigners, including eight British holidaymakers – three of whom were children.

Hours later, as police raided their mansion in an exclusive neighbourhood of Colombo, Ilham’s pregnant wife Fatima blew herself up, killing her three children and three officers.

It is widely known that Islamist killers are often educated and come from wealthy backgrounds.
Killing in the name of Islam has nothing to do with poverty.


Remember this the next time someone on the left tries to equate poverty and jihad.

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