Turkey’s Erdogan Betrays Putin

On the cusp of the NATO Summit in Vilnius, Turkey’s President Erdogan dropped a couple of turds in the Russian punch bowl — he broke the agreement he made with Russia to imprison AZOV leaders who were taken prisoner at Mariupol in May of 2022, he endorsed immediate membership in NATO for Ukraine and he signed a deal toexpand drone production in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin Does Love Tanks

In posting the following videos from pop culture I am not trying to make light of the plight of destruction facing Ukrainian forces as they hurl themselves against trained, entrenched Russian forces.

Ukraine Is Going Kamikaze

Ukraine’s vain attempts to launch an offensive ostensibly to oust Russia from “conquered” lands in the Donbass reminds me of the Japanese Kamikaze bombers trying to impede the inevitable U.S.


(This photo is a before and after picture of Russia’s attack on the UAF ammunition depot near Zhytomyr on May 28, 2023.) With all the loose talk from Ukraine and the West about the upcoming (or underway) counter offensive, it is natural for some observers to conclude that Russia is sitting back waiting to see what unfolds.

Western Delusions About Russia and Ukraine are Genuine

If you think that the policy towards Russia, which is shaped by the perceptions and beliefs of the Washington status quo, is not seriously screwed up, think again and watch Charles Kupchan, a former Clinton and Obama National Security official and current shill for the Atlantic Council, take you on a bizarre journey worthy of Alice in Wonderland.