Washington Post CIA Article Signals That U.S. Preparing To Jettison Ukraine

Andrei Martyanov always is very generous in his reactions to my posts and often highlights them. Now it is my turn to return the favor. I was planning to write on this article, which appeared on Monday in the Washington Post — Ukrainian spies with deep ties to CIA wage shadow war against Russia — and was pleasantly surprised to see that Andrei posted a video that cuts to the heart of the matter. Enjoy. This article is the consummate CIA CYA (Cover Your Ass). How so? The article has several sources describing all of the great stuff CIA was doing to help Ukraine. In other words, all the good stuff that was achieved was because of the CIA.

But the article also details some heinous and feckless acts by Ukraine’s various spy agencies and raises the possibility of more mayhem in the future. Message? All the stupid shit is the fault of the Ukrainians and being done without the approval of the CIA. Andrei dives in to the subject around the 8:30 mark in the following video to explain. The CIA is taking a preemptive measure to distance itself from murder and terrorism charges in fear of facing war crimes charges once Russia finishes Ukraine.

I finally figured out the perfect theme music for Ukraine’s President, Mr. Zelensky. It was a hit by SimpleMinds — Don’t You, Forget About Me:

News flash to Zelensky. America’s President is a border line Alzheimer’s patient and you think he’s going to remember your name in three weeks? Good luck with that.

There was a long running soap opera in the United States, As the World Turns. I am thinking Zelensky, if he survives, will want to make the rounds in Hollywood pitching a new soap opera — As the War Turns. It would be the story of a beleaguered Jewish comedian thrust into the seat of power, backed up by Nazi hordes, acquiescing to be the sock puppet of a malevolent Uncle Sam in exchange for a steady supply of Colombian cocaine and bags of cash. You don’t even have to be a great script writer to produce entertaining content from this set up. The truth of the last 20 months is truly stranger than fiction. Maybe this is more like an international version of Yellowstone. The good news? Casting is a breeze, Zelensky can play himself.

I had an interesting interview with Emerald Robinson regarding the crisis in Gaza and Israel.

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