More False Covid Hysteria

Let’s start with this blaring headline from the Miami Herald: White House looks at domestic travel restrictions as COVID mutation surges in Florida For those of you not familiar with my previous pieces on the Florida pandemic as viewed from my perch in the Sarasota/Bradenton area (A Covid Panic Update and Why Does the Liberal Media Refuse to Report Meaningful Data on COVID?), I have been a consistent critic of the scare tactics because I look at the actual facts.

The Democrat Gaslight Express

Yes, the Presidency was stolen from Donald Trump primarily from phony mail-in ballots introduced into a few key urban centers in pivotal swing states and counted with rigged machines.

Justice for Ashli Babbit?

The death of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit at the hands of a Capitol Hill Police officer last Wednesday is either murder or manslaughter.

Fox News Is Swirling Down The Toilet

In order to grasp the magnitude of Fox News’ betrayal of its conservative base, I decided to look back at their ratings in August of 2020 and compare the results with its current viewership as of November 23, 2020.

A Patriot Call To Action

Photo via IkeWasRight from the MAGA Rally in Washington DC, November 14, 2020 The time for sitting back and waiting has passed.

Unraveling the Latest Deep State Coup

The courageous, brilliant duo of Sidney Powell and Congressman Louis Gohmert stirred up a bit of a storm in the last few days with this tweet When I saw this it did not make sense.

What Is Bill Barr Going to Do?

There are a lot of Trump supporters who are very frustrated, even angry, with the silence of Attorney General Bill Barr in the wake of last Tuesday’s attempted Democrat heist of the Presidential election.

Turns Out the FBI Has Been Hiding More Seth Rich Documents

While the law enforcement and intelligence community, along with the mainstream media, has been pushing the meme that there is no basis to believe that Seth Rich, as claimed by multiple independent sources, had contact with Julian Assange’s Wikileaks, the evidence suggests otherwise and it turns out the FBI has been covering up more relevant documents.