When Titans Clashed is Still Relevant

David Glantz and Jonathan House did mankind a service when they delved into Soviet Army archives and produced a must read about World War Two —When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army Stopped Hitler.

The Delusions Of CIA Chief William Burns

William Burns, CIA Director CIA Director William Burns’ January 30, 2024 article in Foreign Affairs —Spycraft and Statecraft: Transforming the CIA for an Age of Competition – is a shocking display of ignorance and misinformation about Russia, the state of the war in Ukraine and NATO’s military capabilities.

War On The Rocks Has Rocks On The Brain

Here is another article of delusional hopium courtesy of the folks at War on the Rocks.HOLD, BUILD, AND STRIKE: A VISION FOR REBUILDING UKRAINE’S ADVANTAGE IN 2024by Michael Kofman, Rob Lee and Dara Massicot is a well-written exercise in fantasy.


If you’re looking for something to listen to while wrapping (or unwrapping) presents, here is my chat with Nima, a Professor of Engineering in Brazil, about the situation in Ukraine. I comment on the recent statement by retired General Ben Hodges, who said Ukraine could still win because the Nazis, in 1944, were at their zenith in building planes for the Luftwaffe.

Is the U.S. Navy Prepared For A Prolonged War With Yemen?

Aegis Missile Defense System It looks like the United States, along with 9 allies — Great Britain, Italy, Bahrain, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain — are on the verge of entangling itself in a new Middle East quagmire as an international armada assembles in the international waters around Yemen.

The End of Ukraine

The following was written by a European friend who writes under the name, Observer R and asked me to share it.