America, The Not So Beautiful, Has No Business Lecturing Other Countries

Zombie Drug: New Medicine 'Xylazine' Turning US Streets To 'Zombieland',  Causing Deadly Symptoms - YouTube

America, like a strung out crack addict, is in desperate need of an intervention. I will warn you up front — the following videos are hard to watch. Eating while viewing is discouraged. You want a clue on how screwed up things are in the United States? When I pulled up one of the videos on YouTube I was shown an ad for NetJets. Think about that. I am about to see a video of drug addicts and mentally ill homeless people and the algorithm shows me a service that caters to the upper 1% of wealthy Americans. And trust me on this, I am not wealthy. That juxtaposition of an up-scale ad with a video of massive human suffering defines what the United States has become.

The numbers of homeless across our “fruited plains” are massive. In Los Angeles alone the Mayor’s office has counted more than 46,000. That is roughly the size of the 12 Ukrainian brigades that launched the ill-fated counter offensive in June. Thirty years ago homelessness was not common. Yes, it existed, but not in the epidemic dimensions we see today. I think this is a human time bomb waiting to explode. American is destroying itself by sending trillions of dollars overseas to fund never-ending military operations (euphemism for “wars”) while Americans addicted to narcotics or battling mental illness pile up. They aren’t corpses yet, but the people on these streets are headed in that direction. The Wall Street Journal reported a few months ago that the number of homeless is rising.

I think the United States has lost the right to lecture any other country about violations of human rights. Americans need to look in the damn mirror. We are living in a rundown glass house throwing rocks (and missiles) at other countries.

The following videos cover New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon) and Seattle. First up, New York City.

The images from Boston are taken near Harvard University.

Philadelphia’s Kensington Avenue is described as a drug zombie apocalypse.

Then there is Los Angeles.

San Francisco used to be a great city to visit. Those days are over.

Portland, Oregon is another nightmare.

And then there is Seattle, Washington.

I am particularly interested in what my readers who live outside the United States think about this. The American “Dream” is still attracting millions of illegal migrants. I suspect they are now coming to the realization that America is becoming a Mad Max hellish landscape. I doubt that the military planners at the Pentagon are considering what would happen to the supply chains that keep these major cities afloat if we go to war with China or Russia. The complete breakdown of law and order is a nightmare scenario that is not farfetched.

Winter is coming. While Washington is busy worrying about how to get more money to Ukraine, America’s political leaders are re-enacting Nero fiddling while Rome is burning. But instead of one city engulfed in metaphorical flames, it is dozens.


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