Canada’s Nazi Celebration Goes Viral

You know what they say about beating a dead horse? Well, that does not apply to Canada. It is a Jack Ass, not a horse. Keep whacking away folks. I would like to know who recommended feting an elderly Nazi in Parliament on the eve of Yom Kippur. Talk about a self-inflicted wound. Canada did not shoot itself in the metaphorical foot. It put the gun to its temple and pressed the trigger. BOOOM!! A head shot. Usually fatal. However, there were no metaphorical brains on the wall after the bullet blasted through the imaginary cranium because the Canadian Speaker of the Parliament, like the Scarecrow, apparently has no brains.

I do not know who photo shopped the following, but I find it hilarious. Reminds me of Al Jolson in blackface (who, by the way, was Jewish Lithuanian by birth before immigrating to America). But it is Prime Minister Trudeau passing the buck. Word to Trudeau — hey dummy, Canadian Jews are not embarrassed; they are horrified and nervous after watching Canadian members of Parliament wildly applaud an old Nazi who chose to serve in the Schutzstaffel aka SS. At least he wasn’t part of the SS-Totenkopfverbände — that unit ran the death camps.

Vladimir Putin and his national security team must be chortling over the beating Trudeau and his benighted Parliament are getting on social media because it confirms the longstanding Russian claim that they are fighting a bunch of Nazi sympathizers in Ukraine.

The Judge and I join in the piling-on during our conversation today.

I also had a wide-ranging discussion with Juan and Billy Bob (yes, that’s his name) at RealTruthTalk:


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