How Did a Chinese Company In the US Real Estate Business Receive a Paycheck Protection Program Loan?

A Chinese-owned online Real Estate company called Fundrise is emerging as an important part of what appears to be the takeover of the American Real Estate Market; evidence has emerged that US Government funds enriched the company under the PPP loan program. US House prices are currently being pushed up by pension funds and private-equity firms that are outbidding middle-class families and purchasing up to 24% of houses in some areas they then rent out, alarming people who want to own their own homes.

Massive Grassroots Victory In Newsom Recall, Less Than 50 Names Rescinded (VIDEO)

A dire hard Republican activist, Susan Walsh, has been with the movement to recall Gavin Newsom from the very beginning and reported on some recent data in the historically successful effort to remove a very well connected sitting Democrat Governor. Walsh sent Gateway Pundit a note Friday: “Hey this is what I have been working on this week, look at this link!” With a link to an article in the California Globe by Katie Grimes titled, BREAKING: Less Than 40 Recall Newsom Signatures Rescinded Statewide Globe exclusive: California SOS had 30 days to contact recall signers about removing signature: “Itappears that only 36 California voters who signed the RecallGavin2020recall petition have removed their signatures.

America First Has Taken Over the GOP in Arizona – Those Not on the Train Are Being Replaced or Resigning

Because of President Trump’s America First agenda, his supporters are remaking the Republican party a little bit at a time with the help of author Dan Schultz, who instructs people how to become neighborhood team leaders or Precinct Committeemen. This week was an interesting development in Legislative District 15 in Arizona, where there were so many ‘American Firsters’ who have recently joined the AZGOP who are fans of Schultz’s book, that they have run for office and driven some old-timers out, creating an ‘America First’ voting majority in the Republican party there.

Exclusive: “This Is A Shot Across The Bow, We Want The Machines Opened Up”, North Carolina House Members Request Inspection of Voting Machines

A group of North Carolina Republican lawmakers from the General Assembly want the State Board of Elections (SBOE) to give them some answers about the machines used to tabulate votes. The lawmakers want the machines opened and allow their own people investigate what happened in the 2020 Presidential election.

People In Iran Risk It All To Warn Of “Sham” Election, As Biden Gets Ready To Re-Enter “Iran Deal”

Activists in Iran are calling upon powerful nations, including the United States, to boycott the upcoming elections based upon alleged corrupt election behavior by Iran’s current leadership and an unfolding humanitarian crisis for the people of Iran. “The true fight is between the people & the organized opposition who want freedom and democracy on the one side, & the entirety of his regime, including its soon to be ‘elected’ president Ebrahim Raisi, on the other,” reported the US Representative for the National Council of Resistance of Iran, on Sunday, on .

Chuck Schumer Longs For The Days Of Paul Ryan’s ‘Leadership’ On The Hill

Determined Never Trumper Paul Ryan was lionized on Tuesday by radical leftist Chuck Schumer for their shared values of overriding the American electorate and installing public policy favorable to foreign entities and the American left. Forbes reported, “At the Senate Democrats’ press conference on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) joked that life would be better if former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan were still leading the House GOP.” That should be noteworthy to all people who believe that Ryan was some sort of opposition leader to the left or the Tea Party darling he pretended to be to get elected.

Non Profits, Full of Radical Leftists, Are Setting National Sex Ed Standards

The left has changed “Sex Ed” to mean “Sexuality Ed,” which is an important distinction that many Americans are not paying attention to. Just as the left sees great success in making biological gender about sexual preferences, they are moving in for bigger taboos to set public policy for the young children and force their sexuality agenda upon families at Taxpayer expense.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Supporter Still Abused by Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper for Protesting COVID-19 Lockdown in April 2020

You might have wondered what happened to a woman who was arrested and charged in Raleigh, North Carolina, a little over one year ago for protesting during some of the early weeks of the COVID 19 lockdown. The woman made national news for being at a Reopen NC rally. She was filmed on local news being led away in handcuffs as a sign for other protestors, to behave. “There was one arrest made by the State Capitol Police,” reported Raleigh Police on their that day, April 14, 2020.

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden Knew Abusive Hunter Was Go-Between On Secret Deals Involving Biden Children

Joe Biden Wants people to see him as a great defender of women and children, but he allowed his son to abuse women and children and did nothing about it when he easily could have. Child Abuse takes adults to combat, and the American media, even Conservative outlets, do Americans no favors by glossing over hints of criminal, abusive behavior in powerful people.

‘The Left Demands Loyality To Biden-This Is Why’ Trevor Loudon Explains The American Communist Revolution

An expert on worldwide Communist infiltrations, Trevor Loudon, is speaking out loudly about what he sees unfolding in America calling it a full-blown ‘Revolution.’ He is educating Americans about how easy the left is getting away with it all. “Americans are slow to wake up to ways we use to identify these marxist and Communist movements so I keep trying to find new ways to get the information out. I love America, and the world needs a strong America back or the rest of the world is doomed,” Loudon told Gateway Pundit.