Texas House Passes Voter Bill Targeting Mail In Voting, NAACP Determined To Usurp the New Law

Things are changing for the better in Election Integrity, and the Democrats are determined to fight it with every resource they have. Texas is in the process of passing new laws that already have high favorability with the voters.

“It is all happening in the dark,” the NAACP cries.

After a disastrous and chaotic 2020 Presidential election, many Republicans were so disenfranchised they said they would never vote again unless elections were made transparent.  With millions of voters saying they had no faith in the government to make those changes, many people just gave up hope in America. But that is changing with battleground states like Texas passing new laws that Democrats hate.

On Friday, the Texas House passed HB 6/SB 7 on election reforms, which now goes to Texas Governor Abbott’s desk.

This is the legal process, which the left doesn’t seem to understand. The legislation goes to a conference committee, where lawmakers have an opportunity to strengthen the bill with highly popular provisions such as voter identification for mail-in voting.

In the Mainstream Media and on social media are stories of social justice rage over the Texas passage. Did they not ever watch Schoolhouse Rock, I’m Just a Bill?

Texas, as in other states, is following the normal legal process.  The left is afraid of those Election safeguards like voter ID, which enjoys widespread support in Texas, with an overwhelming 81% of Texans supporting it being added.

That is how it works in our Representative Republic; something Democrats and their media partners refuse to accept.

According to local and national Texas news reports, “It is all happening in the dark,” so a key issue to pay attention to is the left is very unhappy about the process of the bill becoming a law. Americans and Texans can expect Community Organizers to protest.

Consider how the New York Times reported on the NAACP’s reaction as if their complaints and demands are justified.

The NAACP is furious that Texas follows the Constitutional process of developing election laws for their state and demands the right to usurp the process with a list of their replacements, changing out duly elected representatives with social justice warriors instead.

Here is what they are up against, “In a 78-64 vote, the House Friday passed a pared-down version of priority GOP legislation to place new restrictions on voting. Now the bill will likely be reshaped in conference committee with the Senate, largely out of public view,” reported Texas Tribune on Saturday.

The left is freaking out because Texas now joins other states who are fixing the issues that made the 2020 Presidential election so chaotic while preparing for a battleground in the 2021 elections.  Why is the new York Times normalizing the complaints? Perhaps the NYT needs to watch School House Rock and figure it all out before hitting “publish”?



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