Department of Education Facing Much Needed Resistance as Stephen Miller Files Lawsuit to Protect US History and the Truth

Stephen Miller is known for fireworks with his passionate pro-American language. In his role as lead legal counsel for a new pro-American legal defense team, America First Legal, he does not disappoint. 

“America First Legal officially submitted comment on Biden Admin’s proposed rule to indoctrinate students with Critical Race Theory/1619 project. AFL will pursue all necessary action to protect our children,” Miller posted on Twitter on Saturday.

Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project are going to be top campaign issues for the 2021 and 2022 elections, with parents in communities all over the United States demanding investigation and oversight into the creepy set of teachings.

Miller’s lawsuit comes at a time when Americans feel like they have lost their champion, in President Donald J. Trump, as they watch helplessly while Democrats push for more and more invasive and reckless policies overall, but especially frightening to them are policies that impact their children.

According to Miller’s letter to Miguel Cardona U.S. Department of Education, Miller is red hot over the issue of what is being taught in schools, and he is headed to court and taking the Biden administration with him.

“The proposed priority for history education is inconsistent and irreconcilable with who we are as Americans, is irredeemably flawed, and should not serve as the basis for any programs that your Department administers. The damage this priority would inflict on our nation and our youngest citizens would be irreparable and unforgivable,” Miller wrote.

“It encourages history education that violates our founding principles and the sacred promise of full equality under [the] law. And it would teach a new generation of Americans to think in a way that is contrary to both federal civil rights law and the United States Constitution,” the letter read.

“Because the proposal is insidiously harmful for students who are learning history, deeply damaging to civic culture, corrosive of national unity, profoundly detrimental to the growth of knowledge and the open pursuit of academic inquiry, violative of our foundational principles, factually unsalvageable as matter of historical truth, and destructive to national unity, AFL urges the Department of Education to reject this priority as written. We strongly encourage the Department to instead adopt policies and priorities that encourage the teaching of the full picture of American history—one that will enrich and inspire young minds, not poison them,” Miller said in his defense of American schoolchildren and their parents everywhere.

Thank God for individuals like Miller who are standing up for American history and our children. 


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