NCGOP Brass Are Giving Grassroots Activists and Committeeman the Runaround on President Trump’s Upcoming Visit to North Carolina

Dan Schultz is a frequent guest on the War Room Pandemic with Steve Bannon to speak in detail about his book on how to become a Precinct Committeeman with local State GOP parties. Together the two have ignited a national movement of Conservative Populists who are changing the Republican party politics from the inside.

“If anyone gets my book they will become a precinct committeeman in their state party and we will see changes then,” Dan Schultz told me. “These will be the most powerful people in all of politics.”

They may be the most powerful, but they are also in the heat of the battle for the soul of the Republican party. In North Carolina, they are getting the runaround.

Schultz often talks about the difficulty of getting into party leadership because of the resistance of the establishment.  “Bannon and the book are driving people to the party, sometimes the party is happy.  But the party isn’t always happy about sharing the power with others, sometimes it is a fight to figure out what is going on. We need more people at high levels to talk about this powerful strategy to save the Republic.”

Schultz is making some progress.  Currently, along with Bannon talking about the Precinct Committeeman Strategy to makeover the Republican Party, Schultz has converted three-star General Mike Flynn. Next, he hopes to reach President Donald J. Trump.

Flynn first.


Once the player starts, you can scroll to the 53 minute mark.  Three action items from LTG Flynn:
1.  Become a voting member of your local Party committee, a precinct committeeman.
2.  Attend the school board meetings in droves and demand an end to Marxist “Critical Race Theory” bunk.
3.  Volunteer to help run the local elections to make sure they are run correctly.
In other words, organize and unite politically, locally, where you live “inside” a political party because when we begin winning locally, we will also win nationally.

Bannon often cites the work of Schultz and others who follow Dan’s site when talking about who is being effective in the school board level, fighting Critical Race Theory,” because these are the people at meetings pressing for changes at local levels,” Bannon said on the War Room.

Bannon tells his audiences that it is the Committee Precinct leaders, sometimes called neighborhood team leaders, who are instrumental in organizing and pushing for the hand audits in the crucial states, or in censuring Republican officeholders who are voting against the wishes of the party; that is the Populist-Conservative movement.

The precinct leaders of the party really are powerful when they get settled into the party politics, many of them moving up quickly in some areas, taking the lead, but it is not easy getting to that point of success or getting the word out to others.

Sometimes exciting things happen and offering great recruiting opportunities for the party and a chance for the grassroots to get energized, that is what people believed was the purpose of President Donald Trump coming to the GOP State Convention next weekend.

Trump will be in North Carolina for the NCGOP event, but only a small percentage of well-connected people had an opportunity to get tickets for the event, seats were going for $250- $1,000.

Reports from local activists in Raleigh is the party is not only shutting out media, but the party also made sure that the grassroots activists, the types who follow the Precinct Committee Project, didn’t get the information about Trump’s semi-private dinner event. That is not much good for recruitment.

I heard from numerous people that they didn’t get information about the location and the timing of the convention in general, and communications about attendance and voting at the Convention are very, very confusing and frustrating.


One long-time local grassroots organizer from Raleigh, who has been active in the party for close to 20 years, told me, “activists, the people who knock on the doors to get voters to turn out,  are the ones who support Trump have done everything he has asked.  Many people here know about Dan Schultz, and they do everything Dan says and they are still confused about how to get involved and how to start fighting for Trump-style candidates.  They want policies that reflect America First. The party makes it impossible,” the woman told me.

“I could have mobilized 3,000 from around the state to get to the convention but I didn’t get the information in time.  Then when we figured it out, hotel rooms are all sold out, and communications are confusing about who can go and what it will cost, and deadlines. It feels intentionally confusing.  It feels like the party is keeping us out,” she told me.

“It might be a coincidence that a very pro-Trump candidate is up for election at the convention as the State Vice-Chair, but there is no confirmation of that,” she hinted.

“We were told  by the NCGOP there was no media allowed at the dinner where Trump will speak. The activists are the ones who got Trump elected and they are the very ones who don’t get to see him when he is here at our convention, and who won’t even get to hear any media about what he said, that feels terrible to us,” she said. “Some people are mad at Trump for it.”

On Tuesday, I confirmed with numerous think tanks, candidates, and guests who were contacted right away when Trump announced that he would attend the convention.

They were given an early chance to purchase expensive tickets to a  dinner that they were also told there would be no media allowed. Some have told me that the maximum seating was 1,000. The interest in hearing from Trump is intense, according to social media posts on topic.

I contacted some people close to Trump’s campaign and left a message about people being mad at Trump over the lack of media.

A Press release from Wednesday claims the NCGOP changed their mind for a small group of media, yet no one who filled out the form in the press release, who I contacted, has gotten any confirmation of access as of the time of this article, including myself.

I personally have a long history with the NCGOP, and I  have tried in numerous ways for over a week, including stopping by the headquarters to inquire about press credentials for the convention in general. I have gotten the runaround.

The NCGOP was contacted for this article and asked for a statement about the problems with giving access to media for coverage, they have not responded to texts, emails, phone calls, in-person visits, or official media credentials requests, and they did not respond to a request for a response for the article.

It surprisingly does feel like “grassroots” pro-Committeeman are being shut out at the highest levels.

There will be no press availability that I know of with Trump. I can’t ask him if he knows about the Precinct Committee Project being waged on his behalf or the Republic’s behalf.  When given an opportunity, Schultz was asked what he would say to Trump about it, and I got an immediate response:

(For what it is worth, I was a Precinct Committeeman for the NCGOP in 2016 because I heard Dan speak someplace and thought it was a great idea)

“Dan Schultz, of, who has been trying to convince conservatives, since 2009, to get involved at the precinct level in the Republican Party, Is hoping and praying that Donald Trump will say something like the following on June 5 to the North Carolina Republican Party Convention Delegates when he addresses their Convention dinner guests.

I am so proud of all the America First Republicans who got involved in our Republican Party here in North Carolina as convention delegates and as precinct delegates.

I believe what you have achieved here in North Carolina, and I am told has also been achieved by Georgians and South Carolinians, can be duplicated in the coming weeks and months, as soon as possible, in the other states of the union and our five territories and the District of Columbia.
As you know, the voting members in each state, and the five territories, and the District, called, in most states, precinct committeemen, elect the electors of the three representatives or their respective state party to the Republican National Committee.  As you know, the precinct committeemen ARE the Party; no precinct committeemen, no party.  I will strive, in the future, to encourage all American First Republicans to become voting members of our party where they live in their respective local Republican party committees. We need to work together to rebuild our party from a half-strength (half of the precinct-level, voting member slots or our Party have been vacant since 2015!), ideologically split party into a full-strength, solidly America First party. Who is with me!?  Who will answer my call to fill one of the approximately two-hundred thousand vacant precinct-level, voting member, volunteer slots of our Party to bring it from half strength to full strength!  Let me hear you!

I can dream, can’t I?”

Remember, the first time Trump spoke at an NCGOP convention, was to tease out he was running for POTUS. That was the beginning of the end of many things around the old NCGOP headquarters.

So, you can dream, Dan, and we can all dream of America First.  Yes.


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