EXCLUSIVE: Trump Supporter Still Abused by Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper for Protesting COVID-19 Lockdown in April 2020

You might have wondered what happened to a woman who was arrested and charged in Raleigh, North Carolina, a little over one year ago for protesting during some of the early weeks of the COVID 19 lockdown.  The woman made national news for being at a Reopen NC rally.  She was filmed on local news being led away in handcuffs as a sign for other protestors, to behave. 

“There was one arrest made by the State Capitol Police,” reported Raleigh Police on their Facebook that day, April 14, 2020.

Democrat Roy Cooper, an avid Trump-hater, had ruled by executive order that “Protesting was not an essential activity.”

Then soon after this, the world saw Governor Cooper take off his mask and walk with Black Lives Matter, cancel the Republican convention, shut down businesses, and sink the state’s Presidential election with his pandemic drama.

Flashback to the first day of ReOpen and Cooper’s Temper tantrum over Conservatives:

The woman who was arrested is Monica Faith Ussery. She made national news in the days after being arrested for protesting the pandemic lockdown measures.


Remember, Roy Cooper walked with BLM and Antifa protestors in June 2020 maskless. after those same groups disobeyed lawful orders to disperse riots in downtown Raleigh, steps away from his residence. No one was arrested.

Then Cooper rescinded the protesting part at the urging the general assembly, just in enough time for the Democrats to come into town and occupy the downtown area and attack the downtown business area and destroy property there, but the charges against Ussery, for standing in a parking lot, stuck.

In the weeks after her arrest, Ussery became a regular attendee of reopenNC speaker events, applying pressure to the Governor, who refused to talk to any North Carolina residents about his lockdown tactics. Cooper was not pleased about the small amount of media attention the reopen group got. He used his position of power to have Jax Myer, arrested for simply walking into his own business, a tattoo shop,  in Apex, North Carolina after attending a ReOpenNC rally.

Work wasn’t essential to Cooper either.

Myer also made national news while being walked away handcuffed for the world to see. Charges against him were recently dropped.

Myer told Gateway Pundit, “What happened to us in North Carolina was crucial to what happened for Cooper because he was the front runner in the country to be questioned about what is, and what is not essential activity for people under emergency pandemic measures.  Because of the arrest he had to write out a statement that protesting is an essential activity, even though Monika still faces charges.”


Months after being arrested,  the First Lady of NC  was stalking a group assembled near the Governor’s mansion and flipped off Ussery, who was with a group of adults and children while they held a prayer vigil.

“North Carolina first lady Kristin Cooper apologized Thursday night for a Facebook comment in which she said she “flipped off” President Trump supporters by the State Capitol in downtown Raleigh days before the election,” The News and Observer reported.

In an interview about an update on her case, Ussery told me:

Ussery said,  “I was finally offered a plea deal and I turned it down, because I want to make a stand that protesting is an essential activity and I have a great reason why I believe that.  Since I didn’t take the plea deal, I was given new charges, criminal charges.”

“Trespass charges are nullified after a year, on April Fools day, April 1, they hit me with criminal charges right before the one year deadline,” she said.

“I just received a new criminal summons. This time for trespassing.  I think about the nationwide riots and the border crisis, and I look at this new criminal charge I just received, and I’m livid,” Ussery said.


“We want in to make a stand and we will take the consequences,” Ussery said about Meyer and herself, “but please remember that we did that. I want my charges dropped and to not get any new charges. I welcome people to peacefully support me and my mission,” she told Gateway Pundit.

Ussery has a new hearing on June 3rd at 10 AM in Raleigh at the Justice Center to face the criminal charges of trespassing stemming from the ReOpenNC protest. Her supporters are organizing a rally of their own for her this time.  Those details are: here.

Come rally in support of our friend who stood for our Constitutional Right to peacefully assemble in North Carolina on April 14th of 2020.

Date and time

Thu, June 3, 2021

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT

Hopefully, the First “lady” of North Carolina will stay home and not accost children, and hopefully, Roy Cooper has figured out by now that what is good for him is good for everyone.  Because we are all in it together, right, Roy? But what can you expect from a guy who thinks protesting, working and ringing a Liberty Bell is “not an essential activity” for Trump supporters?

I wrote about Roy Cooper back then and how he tapped up the Liberty Bell in Raleigh. This is a real story. 





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