EXCLUSIVE: Armed Black Panthers In Tulsa Freak Out At White Guy And an Indian Guy With Guns – Hurl Racist, Hate-Filled Insults at the Two Outsiders (VIDEO)

Two top leaders of the Oklahoma Open Carry Association ran into trouble when trying to record an ‘Open Carry Walk’ in Tulsa last week with the Black Panthers and other Black militia groups.

Several armed men came from around the country to mark their freedom to march with guns but threatened to riot when a White man or Indian man got too close. 

“We were met with a lot of hostility and racism at one point. I was told to leave. I was not about to be run off public property by a bunch of racist, violent, hypocritical scumbags,” said Rick Hubbard, a Choctaw Indian about the Black crowd who had threatened him.

“As I was listening to a very racist speech about ‘Black Power’ and people getting heads smashed, I was asked if I was there to agitate,” Hubbard said. “Isn’t that ridiculous?”
“As I was recording a Black Panther said to me to ‘get your white ass out of there,’ and ‘we don’t talk to white people. They were saying Oink, Oink, Bang, Bang. Black Power. I support the first and second amendment, but threats like those are not free speech,” he said.
“I was threatened and I was told that I would become the next casualty if we didn’t leave.  These guys raised such a ruckus that we were joined by other members of the group, who had no idea what was going on but immediately began screaming and making aggressive moves toward me and Tim,” Hubbard said talking about his White friend Timothy Harper.
“We were again accosted and berated for being there, on a public street. The group was on the verge of rioting for no other reason than 2 white guys were there amongst them.  We were quickly approached by 2 of the event organizers and they pleaded with us to exit the area to avoid a riot,” Hubbard said that he and Harper left the area.  [16:41]
“I not allowed to exercise my Constitutional right to bear arms on the same street as them? I found this to be an asinine statement and very telling.  The fact is, the triggering factor was my skin color and the fact that I had the audacity to exercise the same rights they were there to exercise,” Hubbard said.
 “My skin is light and my friend is White and we were the only two that were subject to their racist, hate-filled attacks.  As I was leaving their event, I overheard a white news reporter on the phone with what I assume to be his editor.  He was complaining that he wasn’t going to get any good interviews and was being treated very harshly by the group simply because he was white.  He was told that they didn’t invite him and they don’t talk to white people.  He was told no one would talk to him and they didn’t.  I witnessed this treatment first hand prior to overhearing his complaints,” Hubbard said.

In the following 2 hour long video is seen second amendment advocate Harper who walked along with the Black Panthers,  having conversations.  The video is full of both highly racist rhetoric about White people and chats about killing police and taking over the streets.  In the video is also some camaraderie between fellow gun activists.

“The difference between me and my buddy Rick is that I wasn’t armed. They treated Hubbard far worse because he was armed,” Harper told The Gateway Pundit.

Harper said he was glad to see the march and it “went off without a problem, but we all know White guys wouldn’t be allowed to march by 500 strong in an open carry and say the things I heard. They were being racist.   But I was glad they had the chance to do that, it is good for our state.”

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