Exclusive: Disturbing Footage Of A Near Dead Woman Carried Across River and Over the Border Exposes Deep Corruption by Joe Biden

An Air Force Veteran from Warriors for Ranchers, Mike Miller, has made a name for himself around the southern border of the United States in Texas in the Del Rio area, in a very short amount of time for advocating for ranchers who live there, who are victims of a massive increase in crimes. Miller recorded on Wednesday what the US media is covering up about his community. 

“This elderly woman looks dead. Is she ok? Why can’t anyone help her? “Miller said, watching a man cross the Rio Grande by foot, struggling to walk through the water, flopping an elderly woman around like a bag of rice with her clothing torn and pushed sideways. All of that while under the watchful eye of Mexican drug cartel coyotes watching from the Mexico side. The woman is dumped on the ground and given some basic medical attention.


“The video starts with a group of men walking through heavy bamboo with discarded clothing, undergarments ids, and money on the ground,” they were obvious in a hurry, and dry clothing must have been left for them,” Miller is heard saying in the video.  The group he leads makes it through to the river, and looking over the river; they see a group of people walking through the river and race toward the scene; having been sent to the site as media by the police, they wonder why they were misled.

When they get to the scene, a large group of non-English speaking people are just getting to shore, greeted by a Sherriff who is quite terse with the Conservative journalists. Shortly thereafter, the group establishes that while the leftist media is in the right spot, the Conservative group had been misdirected by the Sheriff’s office to be in the wrong place.

After seeing the almost dead woman, the Sheriff bickers with Miller over the phone call Miller had placed earlier in the day; then the Conservative journalists talk to the group.

“They came from Venezuela because they are fleeing socialism, and they are telling me they are coming to collect on Biden’s promises, “Miller said. “They all yelled in unison that they do not want socialism.” (27:00) They told us that they had to pay to be here in America, but they are afraid to talk or tell us how much they paid,” he said.

(43:00) The local Sheriff scolded Miller again and was still angry about a phone call Miller had made earlier about residents experiencing crime in the area.”Why are they angry with us for exposing what is happening here than they are about what is happening with these people?” Miller and Bergquam say to each other.

In an hour and a half long video Miller appeared with Ben Bergquam of Real America’s voice and Frontline America, Will Johnson of Unite America First, and  Anthony Aguero of Real Border News, who together, for their different media groups, were covering the exploding crisis at the southern border.

Miller appeared with Bergquam. Wednesday on Bannon’s War Room to talk about Warriors for Ranchers, and then Gateway Pundit spoke with Miller exclusively about the long video.

“I am afraid for my life, as I told Bannon.  I have been shot at already.  There are people who want me to stop making so much noise.  I am advocating for these women, in their 60’s and 70’s.  One woman who is here with me is a retired customs patrol agent.  We are repairing damage to their homefronts that illegals are doing. When the buses leave there are others who stay behind and terrorize the residents here,” Miller tole Gateway Pundit.

(21:00): “I promised I would bring it to you live, and I did.  Look at these babies struggling to cross and there is nothing we can do. An elderly woman does not look healthy. They are all soaking wet, they were prepared for this, someone is helping them with dry clothes. The police knew,” Miller said.

(56:00) “These people have on jewelry and brand new clothing, brand new backpacks and they leave money on the ground, IDs and new clothing on the ground and we are told these are poor people, but our footage shows otherwise. Tax dollars around going to take care of these people and they are told they won’t have to work,” reporters are overheard saying into their live stream from the ‘Oreo Express.’

“Law enforcement knows they are coming through.  This is all staged.  They are here waiting and it looks like some of these illegals are running through the bamboo to avoid the police.  Then those people end up on our property and threaten us. These women I am advocating for have had illegals on their property. What is law enforcement doing to help her?” Miller told Gateway Pundit.

“I made this video and I am giving it to you because I want people to know we are out there. We feel like America doesn’t care. We know information is being suppressed. Seeing the elderly and the children in this condition crossing and knowing the consequences it causes other people in the area, who are being victimized gets me emotional sometimes,” Miller said. “That is why I started Warrior for Rancers because we are losing the American dream,” he said.

“The media shows a story about these poor people, and try to make people feel sorry for them, but some of these people are ending up on these people’s property committing crimes and scaring them terribly,” Miller told Gateway Pundit.

Warrior Ranchers is a 501c3 organization. Our main focus is to provide crisis relief to farmers and ranchers in Texas related to the border crisis. We help with the financial costs of rebuilding fences, paying deductibles, transportation of goods, equipment repair, and travel expenses.”

“I am just a Dad and a Patriot.  I just moved here and now I am trying to help these American people and safe my property. The police know that when those buses leave the bad guys, who didn’t get on the bus, run out and onto these properties and the police need to do their jobs and help these people too,” Miller said.  “Texas is not fine. We have stash house and drug smuggling and human trafficking going on while the media presents a totally different story to the country.”

The border crisis is exploding.

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