EXCLUSIVE: Vernon Jones Says Brian Kemp’s “Stacy’s Law” Agreement Was So Secret Georgia Democrats Were Not Informed on the Deal

Vernon Jones spoke to The Gateway Pundit about the notorious Consent Decree, which, if addressed, could have changed the entire Presidential election back in November.

Jones also spoke about his run for Governor of Georgia.

“Stacey Abrams won’t run against me because she can’t beat me. I have longer in government, and all she is good at is running her mouth,” Vernon Jones told this reporter regarding Abrams who declared the 2018 Governor’s race was stolen from her. “She is still saying that election was stolen from her.”

Because of that loss, Abrams, who lost by 50,000 votes, was able to force a “backroom” deal with the assistance of Perkins Coie partner Mark Elias to force the winner of the election, Governor Brian Kemp, into submitting to her authority over elections.  The Judicial accepted the deal as a settlement between Abrams and Kemp, and it then changed the face of elections.

According to Jones, the deal was so secret that when he was sitting in the Georgia legislature as a Democrat, they did not know about the deal.

He is not letting go of the idea. Jones said,  “I think people need to look over the document, not many people have seen it. It shows that Stacey’s Law is all about the signature verification, isn’t that strange?   So people didn’t know if they should follow our laws or something totally made up to fit the needs of Stacey.”

** Here is the Consent-Decree signed by Georgia Democrats and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Jones added, “The legislature did not know about that consent decree until after the election.”

“So Kemp was playing word games with the special sessions, saying he could not have a special session that would overturn the election, he could have had a special session to tell us about what I call Stacey’s Law- the consent decree and let us vote on it,” Jones said.  “But Kemp didn’t even tell us about it, or give us a chance to vote on it.  That is unconstitutional.”

“The Consent decree was unconstitutional because it changed election law and only the legislative branch can do that.”

“So I want Kemp to address that, and I think we need to have a hand audit,” Jones said about his recent call for an audit of ballots from the 2020 Presidential election.  He claims that had that consent decree not been used, the state would have gone to President Donald J. Trump, and so would the country because it would have set a precedent for the other drop-off box validating issues.

I call it Stacey’s Law because it is all a figment of the far left she serves. Everything she does is to benefit them, not the Black Community, yet everyone is afraid of her power in the Black Community. That is why they use images of Jim Crow to get people to do what she wants,” Jones said.

Vernon Jones ended with this, “And I want to know why Stacey Abrams is doing things like making money off of Mike Bloomberg.  Remember when Blacks didn’t like him because he threw brown and black people up against a wall with his policies? Why doesn’t anyone remember that now? She is doing things to please the White liberals.  She took 5 Million dollars from Bloomberg, so if she wants to claim that Blacks can’t get afford to get a free ID, so they can vote, why doesn’t she use that 5 Million dollars and solve that problem?”


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