Chuck Schumer Longs For The Days Of Paul Ryan’s ‘Leadership’ On The Hill

Determined Never Trumper Paul Ryan was lionized on Tuesday by radical leftist Chuck Schumer for their shared values of overriding the American electorate and installing public policy favorable to foreign entities and the American left. 

Forbes reported, “At the Senate Democrats’ press conference on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) joked that life would be better if former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan were still leading the House GOP.”

That should be noteworthy to all people who believe that Ryan was some sort of opposition leader to the left or the Tea Party darling he pretended to be to get elected.

Ryan pretended to be channeling his inner President Reagan late this week, making a speech from the Reagan Library, making another plea for Republicans to ‘dump Trump,’ even trying to shame Trump supporters from supporting audits of the 2020 President election, on the basis of being “yes men for Trump’.

So what should really be unfolding is an embarrassment for any Republican who still supports Ryan because he has been fooling many foolish people.

“Oh For The Days, Chuck Schumer Expresses Dismay Paul Ryan No Longer Leads House GOP,” Forbes wrote, introducing the following video.

Good to know that Ryan was busy making friends and having fun with the left while he was in leadership pretending to fight for America.

[Watch Schumer at 2:55]

Speaker Pelosi consulted with Leader Ryan… I mean Leader McCarthy,” Schumer said, smiling, looking upward, placing his hand on his heart, saying, “oh, for the days.  And agreed to every change she wanted.”


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