AMAZING FLASHBACK: Issues and Evidence of Election Fraud from November 2020 Never Investigated and Questions Still Unanswered

By Jim and Joe Hoft

2020 Fraud (left to right): Late night hidden ballot delivery in Georgia, Late night ballot dump in Michigan, Blocking GOP observers in Detroit

Below is a list of articles to date from November 8, 2020, where potential fraud was identified in the 2020 presidential election.  The list includes the actions recommended to address the issues at the time. 

The issues and recommendations were categorized by state with an overall section first identifying all the actions to be taken across the states followed with additional actions to be taken at each specific state.

This list was ignored by the FBI, DOJ, state officials, including Republican officials.

To this day there are hundreds of questions unanswered regarding the stolen 2020 election.

The staff at The Gateway Pundit will never concede that the 2020 election was fair, free or legitimate.

We will always fight for you and fight for the truth.

It is quite stunning that we recognized these issues by November 8th while Democrats were still working diligently to steal President Donald Trump’s landslide victory.


  1. Manually recount any state results where Dominion Vote Machines were used to tally results
  2. Focus on closely contested and swing states
  3. Focus on cities (i.e. Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Minneapolis, etc…)
  4. Focus on absentee and mail-in Ballots
  5. Investigate Biden only votes
  6. Identify dead people who voted
  7. Identify felons who voted
  8. Identify illegal aliens who voted
  9. Identify children who voted
  10. Identify individuals who voted more than once
  11. Identify newly registered individuals over 90 years old
  12. Identify non-registered voters and review
  13. Identify who made the call to stop counting in certain states, the rationale for doing so and the timing of the call

































  1. Perform all the actions noted above in the overall section Identify ballots handed over to Far Left Group to obtain signatures after election was over
  2. Identify and review ballots ‘found’ the day after the election
  3. Determine what caused pipe break situation on election night and determine why vote counting stopped at that time













  1. Perform all the actions noted above in the overall section
  2. Investigate boxes dropped off in Detroit in middle of the night on early morning day after the election
  3. Review all military ballots for individuals with paper ballots and not on voter roles
  4. Identify ballots added to Biden column in the middle of the night
  5. Identify ballots backdated
  6. Identify all ballots with no names or addresses on them
  7. Identify ballots added after election night
  8. Investigate computer glitches at two counties where they are identified
  9. Investigate individuals on electronic voter register with 1900 birthdates




























  1. Perform all the actions noted above in the overall section Determine the number of votes counted where Republicans were not allowed oversight






North Carolina:

  1. Perform all the actions noted above in the overall section
  2. Investigate why all the precincts were reported complete on election night and why the election was not called for Trump
  3. Determine who made the call to keep a few select precincts open and why and the number of ballots received after this call was made.






  1. Perform all the actions noted above in the overall section
  2. Determine the number of ballots counted when Republicans were not allowed to review
  3. Determine the number of spoiled ballots illegally handled and destroyed
  4. Identify provisional ballots not yet counted and review
  5. Ensure all ballots received after 8pm on election night are properly identified and secured
  6. Investigate postmaster’s directive to back date ballots and extent of issue
  7. Investigate why state claimed 90% of ballots were counted one day and then 88% the next
  8. Investigate incident where civilian was reported taking ballots away from polling center




  • 100,000 Provisional Ballots May Swing Pennsylvania Election Back to Trump Despite MASSIVE FRAUD by the Left
    • Link: /2020/11/100000-provisional-ballots-may-swing-pennsylvania-election-back-trump-despite-massive-fraud-left/































  1. Perform all actions noted above in the overall section
  2. Investigate issue of ballots found on a hard drive


  1. Perform all the actions noted above in the overall section
  2. Identify the ballots that showed up early the next day after the election and review
  3. Focus on counties with more registered votes than eligible voters
  4. Identify absentee and mail-in ballots without addresses of witnesses that were illegally updated








As you can see there were numerous criminal acts that were never investigated thoroughly in the 2020 election.

Either Republicans correct these issues or America is finished.  The Marxists will continue to steal elections and destroy this country is action is not taken.

We want to be clear.  The Gateway Pundit will never stand down.

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